Escape from Andraxus

Escape from Andraxus

Where do stars come from? What makes them shine so brightly? Why do they eventually disappear?

Rojil is an alien left homeless after his planet is destroyed by its dying Sun. Separated from the rest of his people, he sets out on an epic journey of discovery and uncovers the amazing diversity of stars within the Universe.

Travel with him and experience the life cycle of stars.

Suitable for ages 7 years and up.


Event Type: Planetarium Show

Melbourne Planetarium

Cost: $6 adult, $5 concessions and $4.50 children, plus museum entry.
MV Members receive discounted entry.

Bookings recommended especially on weekends, school holidays and public holidays. Phone 13 11 02

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Tim 8 January, 2013 07:32
I was wondering when Guiding Lights is coming back.
Kayla 19 October, 2012 00:06
I seem to have some trouble navigating the website. Do you have any programs suitable for adults playing October 23? Or are they all more for children? Thanks!
Discovery Centre 22 October, 2012 16:15
Hi Kayla, our staff at the Planetarium have said that on October 23 we have TILT at 2pm but weekends would be better if at all possible for you. They recommend Saturdays 3pm, “Escape from Andraxus” (nature of stars), or Sundays 1pm “Our Living Climate” or 3pm “Black Holes”.


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Tim 30 March, 2012 18:48
What are all the shows in the Planetarium and is "Guiding Lights" a new show and will it be showing in the Term 2 school holidays?
Discovery Centre 31 March, 2012 11:02
Hi there Tim, Guiding lights is an older show. More detail about some of them can be found via the links at left. Please keep an eye on the website for Term 2 school holiday programming.
Tim 25 March, 2012 15:37
Even though this show is new, how come it's not showing very often. It seems to come and go every time.
Discovery Centre 27 March, 2012 10:57

Hi Tim, Escape from Andraxus is one of our older shows and has been running on Sundays this term. It’s subject matter , the life cycle of stars, is relevant to education and general interest so we run it as often as possible although with 10 different shows to program we will not be running it again for several months.

Here is the upcoming schedule

Autumn/Easter Holidays:  12pm Tycho, 1pm Stories in the Stars, 2pm Tilt, 3pm Our Living Climate

Term 2 Weekdays:  2pm Tilt

Term 2 Saturdays:  1pm Tycho, 2pm Tilt, 3pm Black Holes

Term 2 Sundays:  12pm Tycho,  1pm Guiding Lights, 2pm Tilt, 3pm Black Holes


Tim 6 October, 2011 15:58
Is this "Escape from Andraxus" show a new show? I haven't seen it before at the Planetarium.
Discovery Centre 7 October, 2011 14:02

Hi Tim, Yes Escape from Andraxus is a brand new show. It is on every day of the school holidays at 3pm.