Fulldome Showcase One

Part of the Melbourne International Film Festival

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Source: Space Opera

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Presented as part of the 2012 Melbourne International Film Festival, this Fulldome Showcase features two films, VisuaLiszt and Space Opera. There will be a short intermission between the two films.

VisuaLiszt (2011) - 40 minutes

Famed as a child prodigy, piano virtuoso, heartthrob and enchanter of Europe’s concert halls, Franz Liszt was one of the most dazzling musical personalities of his era. In 1844 the hysterical reactions to Liszt and his concerts was labelled ‘Lisztomania’ and he has been described as the first superstar in music history.

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth the Fulldome Film Festival in Jena created the ‘Visualiszt Awards’. The challenge open to students, professionals and freelance producers was to create works that showed how Liszt’s artistic ideas and compositions could be translated into the fulldome format.

The resulting films vary extraordinarily both musically and visually while paying tribute to the genius of Liszt.

Space Opera (2012) – 40 minutes

Space Opera is a virtual interplanetary journey realized with CG "spherical rendering" technology and presented in a 360° panoramic hemispherical view, a “fulldome” video within a dome dedicated to the projection of works such as that of the planets.

The discovery of a flying disc beneath the earth allows passengers to take off from the Earth and visit an entire solar system in less than 40 minutes: the visual setup of the opera is absolutely experimental and unedited. The ambient recreates the interior of an alien spaceship where a voice facilitates the journey and provides information on each galactic stop.

Space Opera is therefore an artistic, philosophic, scientific and cinematic experience all at the same time and indeed a unique experience of its kind.