Discover the Night Sky Astronomy Classes

Carina Nebula
Carina Nebula
Source: NASA, ESA, M. Livio and STScI

Due to overwhelming popularity Discover the Night Sky Astronomy Classes have sold out.

Discover the Night Sky returns with a new range of astronomy classes delivered using the Planetarium’s new projection system.

This series combines information with a unique and interesting night out, complete with a glass of wine and cheese.

The evening will finish with stargazing through telescopes (weather permitting).

25 years of the Hubble Space Telescope

Wednesday 5 August

It was 1990 when the Hubble Space Telescope lifted off and changed the way we view the cosmos. Discover its greatest achievements and the beauty of its science.

The dwarfs: Ceres and Pluto

Wednesday 12 August

For the first time ever, spacecraft have visited two prominent dwarf planets - Ceres in the Asteroid Belt and Pluto in the Kuiper Belt. What have they revealed about our Solar System?

The Light Fantastic

Wednesday 26 August

2015 is the International Year of Light and when it comes to astronomy, light is at the heart of everything we know. That light can travel for billions of years, with a story to tell and information to be found. This is the journey of how we have come to know the universe.

Astrobites: Black Holes

Wednesday 2 September

Astrobites bring focus and attention to some hot topics in astronomy. This season we get up close to black holes. What are these beasts that have crossed from science fiction into science fact? And follow the latest quest to take the first picture ever of a black hole itself. Is it possible?


Dr Tanya Hill, Curator of Astronomy, Museum Victoria