The Problem with Pluto

Problem Pluto

When is a planet not a planet?

Travel on a research craft heading to the uncharted limits of the Solar System. Learn how Pluto is different from the other planets and discover the challenges of working out just what a planet should be.

The Problem with Pluto takes a modern look at our once familiar Solar System. It presents a lively debate over Pluto’s planetary status, a debate that had been looming from the moment Pluto was discovered, over 70 years ago.

If you could vote on Pluto’s status, how would you make up your mind? What are the characteristics that all good planets should have? Lucy and her teenage friends, who live on various planets in the Solar System, think they should know the answer but find that it’s not so easy. Lucy’s mother, who is a scientist, is given the job to settle the argument once and for all.

The last decade has seen some major new discoveries within the Solar System and in response scientists have had to rethink their views. Science, history and sentiment all played a part in reorganising our Solar System. But, as Lucy comes to realise, it’s not really a question of what’s right or wrong, but, in looking for the answer, that we discover what’s important after all.

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brook 17 November, 2010 09:10
sup dude space is like totally awesome i mean theres like millions of galexies if thats wot there called
dyls 3 February, 2015 08:06
hi. this is cool.
Emily!! 18 November, 2010 09:54
absuletly amazing! i went there with my school it was Amazing worth paying !!!
Josephine :3 15 April, 2011 12:49
wanna going there so badly !! it is amazingg ;)
cole 7 May, 2011 12:29
sup yo dude i think its totaly awesome
Callum :) 4 June, 2011 15:02
it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaely 30 July, 2011 11:01
I went with my school, and we all LOVED it!! At first in the introduction, we got totally freaked out!!! It was FABULOUS!!
Josh 5 August, 2011 11:44
Would be useful to have a guide for appropriate age for each show. thanks.
Jack K 1 September, 2011 19:03
Awesome We went with rollins Ps it Rocked
Taylah P 5 September, 2011 12:06
Go Jack K! i am at his school and it defanantly did rock, i loved the Problem with Pluto in the super awesome planetarium
karli 16 September, 2011 15:51
I love it!it is totaly worth going it is SUCH a good show.
Tim 14 January, 2012 18:03
When is "The Problem with Pluto" coming back to the Planetarium?
Discovery Centre 18 January, 2012 12:50

The Problem with Pluto’ should be playing during the winter holidays 30th June to 15th July at 3:00pm – every day.  We are still confirming this so keep checking our website for confirmation.

Random girl 20 July, 2012 22:10
it is so cool loved it so much it was interesting
susan simpson 13 January, 2013 21:24
courteney 16 January, 2013 04:56
pluto isn't big enough to be a planet so it will never come back
Roseie 18 August, 2013 10:44
The Problem with Pluto was the best! I've never seen anything like it before.
Jason 4 July, 2015 13:20
Hi want to know when this show will be on again? Thanks
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