Solar System Odyssey

Solar System Odyssey
Solar System Odyssey
Source: Morehead Planetarium (University of North Carolina)

Stow away on a mission to explore the Solar System.

When it comes to space travel, Jack Larson has seen it all. But now Jack needs to locate a new world for humans to call home. Can he find somewhere better than Earth?

Join Jack Larson on a wild ride through our Solar System as he looks for answers: how are the worlds of our Solar System alike? How are they different? What must those worlds have in order for humans to live there? 

Roam with Jack through our cosmic neighbourhood, including the icy rings of Saturn, Jupiter's volcano-ridden moon IO and the sub-zero methane lakes of Saturn's moon Titan.

Produced by Morehead Planetarium (University of North Carolina) with funding from NASA.
Suitable for ages 7+

Planetarium only
Adults, Concession and Children (3 - 16 years) $6.00
Museum Members $4.00

Planetarium + Lightning Room
Adults, Concession and Children (3 - 16 years) $10.00
Museum Members $6.00


Event Type: Planetarium Show

Sundays, Until 24 Mar 2016
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Monday 14 Mar 2016
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Melbourne Planetarium

Museum Members receive discounted entry to the Planetarium and FREE general entry.

Bookings are strongly recommended especially on weekends, school holidays and public holidays.

To book, call 13 11 02 or

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Tim 28 June, 2013 16:28
I was just wondering for the 4pm session, will Scienceworks be closing at 5pm?
MVBookings 4 July, 2013 13:43

Scienceworks will still be closing at 4:30pm throughout the school holidays and ticketholders for the extra Planetarium show at 4pm will exit the session immediately afterwards through the Planetarium exit at the side of Scienceworks. However, on Sunday 14th – the last day of the school holidays – the 4pm session will not run and Scienceworks will close at 4pm due to a scheduled power outage in the area beyond our control.

We hope to see you at the Planetarium.

Jan Fabics 1 July, 2013 09:55
Do you get a discount or have a family pass if you see all 3 extra things (planetarium, lightening show & carnival science) we have 5 kids.
MVBookings 4 July, 2013 13:45

Museum Victoria doesn’t offer family passes as children and concession card holders receive free general entry into all our venues. There is a surcharge for the Planetarium, Lightning Room & Carnival of Science, so two adults and five children for all three optional extras would incur a total cost of $123.50; $28.00 per adult and $13.50 per child.

We hope to see you at Scienceworks.

Helen Raik 9 September, 2013 22:39
Is the Mathamazing exhibition and activities open on Thursday 19 Sept?
MVBookings 12 September, 2013 10:55

Thanks for your enquiry. Mathamazing will be open to the public as well as school groups on that day.

We hope you see you at Scienceworks.

Larkin Nightingale 2 October, 2013 09:17
Hi there. we will be visiting from NZ 8th - 22 November with twin 8year olds. what planetarium shows will be on and when so we can plan best day to come. Many thanks
MV Customer Contact Centre 2 October, 2013 11:36


The shows during this period are scheduled to be:

Weekdays:  To Space & Back at 2.00pm. 

Saturdays:  Tycho to the Moon at 1.00pm, To Space and Back at 2.00pm and Blackholes at 3.00pm,

Sundays:  Tycho to the Moon at 12.00pm, Ticket to the Universe at 1.00pm, To Space & Back 2.00pm and Black holes at 3.00pm

Please note this is subject to change so we highly recommend you call us on 13 11 02 closer to the date to see what's on and also to pre-purchase your tickets to avoid being dissappointed on the day if tickets sell out. 


MVBookings 2 October, 2013 12:43

Thanks for your enquiry.

On weekdays we only have one show running for the general public, which is To Space & Back at 2pm, suitable for ages 10 and up.

On Saturdays, we offer three shows at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm, and 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm on Sundays. At this stage the timetables for the dates of your visit are still being finalised, so we advise to check back closer to the time.

We look forward to seeing you at Scienceworks.

Leearna 21 October, 2013 10:18
Hi, I was just wondering, If I wanted to bring a Yr 5 class to see Solar System Odyssey to commence our space unit and begin our sustainability unit (saw it a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be perfect), do you have special prices for schools and does the price change if there was more than one class? Also are the prices the same for teachers and parent helpers? Just researching at the moment to see what would work out to be more cost effective and beneficial. Thanks, Leearna
MV Customer Contact Centre 22 October, 2013 15:44


Education groups are priced differently and shows also screen at different times and days to the public shows.  If you would like to make an education enquiry for the planetarium.  Please call our education number on 9392 4819, our staff members can take you through what is available to you and our pricing.

Isabella 12 January, 2015 16:25
Hi, What is the recommended age group for Solar System Odyssey?
MV Customer Contact Centre 15 January, 2015 11:33

Hi Isabella,

Solar System Odyssey is recommended for ages 7 and up.

Lorraine Benn 24 March, 2015 19:23
Please let me know the cost of the Night Sky Astronomy series starting on 31st July.
MVBookings 27 March, 2015 12:06

Hi Lorraine,

Dates and prices for Discover the Night Sky are still being finalised. Please keep an eye on our website or subcribe to E-News for further information.


Harini 25 May, 2015 11:41
What is recommended for kids up to 6 years on weekdays?
Fabio 29 October, 2015 22:17
Hi is this show still on? if not when will it come back?
mvbookings 2 November, 2015 09:16

Hi Fabio,

We are currently planning to have public showings of Solar System Odyssey during the summer school holidays (2015/2016). I recommend keeping an eye on our website and newsletter for final dates, as it is could be subject to change.  

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