Spinning Out

Spinning Out

What makes the sun rise? Why do we have seasons?

The pattern of our days, from morning, noon and night, occurs because we live on a constantly spinning Earth.

In Spinning Out we take a look at the Earth from space, connecting its motion to the daily and yearly patterns of life.

Living on a remote property in southern Australia, Anna is a student of the School of the Air. Over the radio her teacher, Mr Weedman, suggests that Anna uses her imagination to better understand today’s lesson on the Earth, Sun and Seasons. With that encouragement Anna’s radio comes to life, taking on the personality of Mr Weedman and our journey begins.

We watch day turn into night as the Earth rotates and see the stars rising in the east and setting in the west, a reminder of Earth’s constant motion. We follow Earth’s longer road around the Sun and discover what is meant by the Earth’s tilt and why this brings about the seasons. We explore how the Sun appears to move against the stars and the different paths it takes in the sky as the seasons change.

From Earth’s poles, where winter brings never-ending night and summer never-ending day, to the equator where the Sun’s path hardly varies at all, Spinning Out shows us how interesting it is to live on a planet.

Suitable for children aged 5 years and over.

Online ticketing now available.

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Rory 7 April, 2011 14:56
Ever since I saw this movie I've been wondering how and when will the the world end, please write back. thanks
Discovery Centre 8 April, 2011 15:20
Hi Rory, I am not sure that this is something we can answer, good luck with your research!
David Saunders 13 April, 2011 17:34
My 5 year old grandson will enjoy this.
Tim 15 April, 2011 09:03
Is there any new Planetarium shows coming up soon? PLEASE REPLY
Discovery Centre 17 April, 2011 16:40
Hi Tim! The Production team are working on a replacement show for “Spinning Out”, which covers seasons, planetary axis tilts and orbits, solstices, equinoxes and the like. The new show will have new animations, better visual representations of ideas, and overall have a fresh modern look. We believe it's due later this year or early next.
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