Stories in the Stars

The Night Sky of the Boorong People

Stories in the Stars
Source: Museum Victoria

Discover a new way of looking at the night sky.

See Indigenous stories from north-west Victoria come to life and find out how they relate to living in the Australian bush.

Narrative drama for ages 8 and up.

Produced by Melbourne Planetarium


Currently not screening

$6, plus museum entry.

Museum Members receive discounted entry to the Planetarium and FREE general entry.

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Makisha Rogers 20 September, 2010 12:30
i went there
Katie 18 January, 2011 15:59
Hello, I am keen to attend the full dome friday session. I am just wondering if the dome fest and Indian philosophy shows are the same films that were shown for miff last year. I am keen to see as many new planetarium shows as I can but don't want to see ones I have seen before. Many thanks, Katie
Discovery Centre 22 January, 2011 13:39

Hi Katie - Some of the films for Fulldome Fridays were indeed screened at the 2010 MIFF.  This includes Alien Action, Celestial Mechanics and Cosmic Dance.  Although this is a new version of Cosmic Dance (a different edit with a different soundtrack).

At MIFF the Planetarium also screened the Domefest Art Reel.  However at Fulldome Fridays we will be screening Domefest 2008, which is a completely different show (although 1 or 2 clips might be the same – I can’t remember for sure). The shows Moonwalk and Realm of Light are completely new and have not been screened before. Hope you can make it along to some of the screenings.

Margaret 12 May, 2011 13:41
I last went to the Planetarium over fifteen years ago, and would like to experience a similar 'full dome' journey through the stars. Are any of your current shows appropriate for me? Kind regards, Margaret
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Discovery Centre 18 May, 2011 11:35

Hi Margaret, all of the planetarium shows finish with a 'What's in the Sky Tonight' presentation.  Each of the shows are different and the details and descriptions can be found here

Ayva 17 November, 2011 17:14
i love all the shows they are cool
donna 23 January, 2012 18:07
I am wanting to take my 10 year old boy to the black hole full dome show - its with - is this ok for kids? Also = I was looking for just a journey through the night sky event - do you have these?
Discovery Centre 25 January, 2012 12:37
Hello Donna,

Tempus.Ruhr will  be screening as part of Fulldome Fridays in February.  It will be screened with Black Holes  at 7.30pm on Friday the 10th and Friday the 24th.

Tempus.Ruhr is a beautiful looking film.  It is in a similar in style to the films Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi (if this helps).  It would be perfectly suitable for viewing by a 10 year old.

The Nanoncam/Realm of Light program would also make very suitable viewing.

We have asked our astronomer in regards to the Discover the Night Sky sessions, and she said that any of the first three programs (Backyard Astronomy, Tour of the Universe, Our Solar System) would be suitable for this age group

1st March – Backyard Astronomy

8th March – Tour of the Universe

15th March – Our Solar System

22nd March – The Milky Way Galaxy

29th March – Dark Energy

The costs are $28 per session, $23 per session for MV members, or $120 for a season pass (all 5 sessions).

Bookings generally open around 14th February and can be made on 9392 4819