Ticket to the Universe

Presenter led show

planet and space illustration
Ticket to the Universe

Are you ready to take a trip to the far reaches of space?

Our presenters will fly you off planet Earth and out beyond the stars. Enjoy an amazing guided tour of our vast and incredible Universe.

Presenter-led tour for ages 8 and over.

Produced by Melbourne Planetarium, using the American Museum of Natural History’s Digital Universe 3-D atlas.

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Jo 12 June, 2013 21:38
Hi I just wanted to give you some feedback on the ticket to the universe show we attended at science works at midday on monday. We had our four year old with us and we all loved the programme. It made us think about our place in the universe in a new a different way and managed to convey very complex concepts in a way that made perfect sense. The structure and pace of the program was fantastic and it definitely made the most o f the technology. A big thanks o the presenter at the 12 o clock session who had a wonderful voice and really made the program very interesting. Keep up the great work. We will be back to see your other shows shortly. Jo, Ian and lachie
Olivia 14 July, 2013 20:57
Hi, I was just wondering if Ticket to the Universe will be showing on the 15th of July (Monday).
MV Bookings 16 July, 2013 09:31

Hi Olivia,

From this point in, Ticket to the universe will be showing on Sunday's at 1.00pm until the 15th of September.

SaltyLips 30 August, 2013 02:51
Looks interesting, I am an adult with no kids, would this be the best one to see? Quite a few of the shows seem child oriented.
Narvi 25 April, 2014 17:21
Hi Salty, If you're interested, go see all shows and visit the observatory. Also check out a website called Heavens Above. The internet is full of astronomical wonders. Hubble Deep Space is a cool website with amazing photos of space. See also NASA TV, live coverage from space station and other cool stuff.
Zach 21 November, 2013 20:36
I saw this with a school group today it was awesome!
Martin 30 November, 2013 11:35
Dear Planetarium. Will Ticket to the Universe be showing in late Dec 2013 and early Jan 2014? I'll be in Melbourne then and wanted to take my wife and son to the show. Cheers, Martin
MV Customer Contact Centre 3 December, 2013 14:53

Hi Martin

We are planning to have Ticket to the Universe showing at 2.00pm from December 26th to January 27th.

As this is yet to be confirmed, please check out website or call our bookings office on 13 11 02 closer to the date you wish to attend.

Gary 25 December, 2013 19:16
Hi, I have a 5 year old daughter. Just want to know if she would be able to attend this show? Thanks Gary
MVBookings 30 December, 2013 09:28

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your enquiry. We don't recommend Ticket to the Universe for children under the age of 8 as it is one of our most advanced shows. Having said that, we won't refuse entry as long as you're aware that the show is not suitable for children of your daughter's age.

Renee 5 February, 2014 11:28
Hi, Could you please tell us what shows will be available to come and see as a school group mid-July? Regards, Renee
Sherilee 1 April, 2014 23:21
Can you please be more specific as to why you don't believe the show to be 'suitable' for children under 8? I have a 6yo who has exceptionally high reasoning and understanding and wanted to take him.
Marion 10 May, 2014 22:17
Can you please tell me the times for Ticket to the Universe on either Sat 28th June or Sunday 29th June, if it is indeed running on those days? Thank you.
MVBookings 13 May, 2014 11:02

Hi Marion.  Unfortunately, Ticket to the Universe is not running on those dates.  At this point in time, the program is only running on the dates outlined above.

Vira 30 July, 2014 18:36
Hi, the last time I attended the planetarium was when I was in primary school (many years ago). I wanted to know if these shows are the ones where you sit down and the chairs recline so you are looking up and the show is projected onto the ceiling? I want to book but want to make sure it's the right one.
MV Bookings 31 July, 2014 15:20

Hi Vira. Thanks for your question. Yes, the planetarium is the sort of venue you described. The chairs recline and the show is projected onto the ceiling. For a full list of our current and upcoming shows please see the What’s On page.

brenda 5 January, 2015 13:31
Hi, when is the next showing of ticket to the universe for 2015. Thanks a lot and more blessings in this new year
MVBookings 8 January, 2015 16:26

Hi Brenda, 

At this stage Ticket to the Universe is not scheduled to be shown. Please check back towards the end of the school holidays when we should have information about the Planetarium schedule for term one.


Marian 14 August, 2015 03:31
Hi, I was just wondering about the full dome shows. Is the ticket to universe has a full dome show or it is just guided tour.Is the skylight show the only full dome show? My husband has never been in to dome shows before and I want him to have a good experience with a good show specially he is into space and galaxies could you plz advise on what show? Thanks
MVBookings 15 August, 2015 10:17

Hi Marian,

Thanks for your enquiry.

All shows held in the Planetarium are projected onto the Full Dome. Starlight and Ticket to the Universe are both suitable for adults and either show would be an enjoyable experience for your husband.

We look forward to seeing you at Scienceworks soon!

Paul 29 August, 2015 13:18
Your tickets pages are offline. I need tickets for tomorrow?
mvbookings 29 August, 2015 15:06

Hi Paul,

Sorry this part of our website is not working at the moment. Please call us on 03 9392 4800 before 5pm today and we will be able to make a booking for you.

Barbara 2 January, 2016 19:40
'Ticket to the Universe' is the most amazing show we have ever seen at the Planetarium. We were hoping to see it again these holidays but it doesn't look like it will be showing. Do you plan to show it again? Thanks
Discovery Centre 3 January, 2016 14:30
Hi Barbara, 'Ticket to The Universe’ should return after the Summer Holidays and the shows for weekdays and weekends will be on the website later this month.