Annie and Max
Annie and Max
Source: Museum Victoria

Join Annie and Max for a whirlwind adventure to find out how the seasons work.

It’s a crazy day when snow starts falling and it’s the middle of summer! But sometimes crazy days are just what you need to discover something new.

Animated adventure for ages 5 and over.

Produced by Melbourne Planetarium.

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Tim 18 December, 2011 13:14
Is Tilt made by Museum Victoria?
Discovery Centre 19 December, 2011 09:29
Hi Tim, yes, the show Tilt was produced by Museum Victoria.
Declan 28 December, 2011 11:10
This looks pretty good I'll see it!
K 1 January, 2012 20:16
Will Tilt be avalable for purchace for educational institutions after the event closing date?
Discovery Centre 6 January, 2012 10:09

Hi K,

Unfortunately 'TILT' will not be made available for sale to schools. However after the holiday program finishes ‘TILT’ will become the Planetarium’s regular 2pm  public show. You can find out more from the Planetarium Bookings Office on 9392 4819.

Robrecht 27 October, 2012 03:02
Hi, so this show will not be made available for other planetariums? If the show is available to other planetariums, is there a way to see the full show online or on DVD? I'm calling from Belgium... :) Thank you, Robrecht
Discovery Centre 1 November, 2012 14:31

Hi Robrecht,

Our shows are available to planetariums that have compatible projection systems and we have an agent that handles domestic and international sales and distribution, however none are currently available on-line or on DVD.  

Susan 17 June, 2012 18:42
The Tilt Planetarium program is perfect for our science unit in term 3. Are there times available for our classes to attend other that the 2pm show as this is far too late for us to get back to the school?
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Olga 5 July, 2012 23:57
I couldn't find any educational books or DVDs with the topics u had in the planetarium shows. It would b great to see some characters in bks or DVDs we could purchase from the shop. To reinforce topics at home. Very clever. My 5 yr old was intrigued!!!
Emma 13 January, 2013 15:38
Hi, just wondering whether Tilt would be ok for a 3 yr old? I know it says for 5 yr olds and up but just wondering if that's just a guide. He sits through a full length 3D movie. Thanks
Tanya 15 February, 2013 23:40
Hi, this might be a silly question, but will they get to see loads of stars, constellations, ect? (ie does this show make good use of the planetarium?) Thanking you in advance.
MV Customer Services 26 February, 2013 12:13

Hi Tanya,

There are no silly questions here. At the conclusion of all Planetarium shows, there is a 10 - 15 minute "What's In The Sky Tonight?" show that makes use of the Planetarium's unique design to present the constellations and other celestial features that will be visible that night. 

This presentation is only available as part of a Planetarium show, and you are not able to book it separately. The current viewing guide for the Planetarium can be found here.

Mark 16 February, 2013 06:36
Do you get access to other shows with the admission price? Can you see the "start" without a show or is there something shown at the end, you make reference to this in another reply but the hyperlink doesnt work....
MV Customer Services 26 February, 2013 11:49

Hi Mark,

General Admission to Scienceworks covers the majority of the gallery spaces (excluding special exhibitions, e.g. the Carnival of Science exhibition). It does not include any Planetarium shows. 

Planetarium show tickets must be purchased in addition to General Admission tickets at the prices listed here. Attendance to the show will only be allowed from the start, you are not able to attend after the show has commenced.

Aurelie 13 January, 2014 13:20
Hi, wondering if the show is available at the planetarium when making a school group booking. Thank you
MV Customer Contact Centre 13 January, 2014 16:20

Hi Aurelie,

Please click on the link below to see which shows are available for schools to book into at the Planetarium.


If you would like to make an school group booking, please call our team on 9392 4819

Joanne 29 April, 2014 10:12
Hi there- What access provisions do you have available for the Deaf and Hearing impaired in your Planetarium? EG- Closed captions, Smart Auslan, Open Mi tours etc? Thanks :-)
MVBookings 29 April, 2014 15:04

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for your enquiry.

There is a hearing loop in the Planetarium but it is only available in certain rows.

We can advise you of where the loop is located when you arrive at Scienceworks.


Joanne 4 May, 2014 09:52
Hi there thanks for that- that will be good for all but one of my students who is profoundly deaf and requires sign language or captions. Is there anything you can provide for that student?
Joanne 13 May, 2014 10:10
Hi there thanks for that- that will be good for all but one of my students who is profoundly deaf and requires sign language or captions. Is there anything you can provide for that student?
MVBookings 13 May, 2014 14:26

Hi Joanne.  Thanks for your email.  Unfortunately, we are limited with the support we can provide to deaf students.  The Planetarium is completely dark during the show, making sign language difficult, and at this point in time none of our shows are captioned.  We are aware there is a need for more support for hearing impaired students and are hoping to improve this in the near future. 

Tom 31 May, 2014 05:18
Do you license your shows for other planetariums? If so, where can I find out more information?
Discovery Centre 3 June, 2014 14:24

Hello Tom - we checked with our Producer for the Planetarium shows, and the answer is yes - our shows are distributed through Sky-Skan Inc via the contact for the Oceana branch on the link provided.

Lilly 15 June, 2014 17:40
Tilt was excellent, and so educational for the children.I can't wait until another fantastic show comes out. Thx so much
Jason 4 July, 2015 13:18
Can you tell me when this show will be on again? Thanks
Jenelle 6 August, 2015 11:46
How long does tilt run for ? Not including 15 mins of what's in sky tonight ?
mvbookings 6 August, 2015 15:16

Hi Jenelle,

A Planetarium show includes the feature and "What's In The Sky Tonight?". Features like Tilt generally go for close to 30 minutes, so the whole shows lasts 40 to 45 minutes.

The feature is only available as part of a Planetarium show, and you are not able to book it separately.

Jack Will 25 August, 2015 21:51
Can you tell me a little about the seasons? I have watched Tilt. It was fabulous and creative. It was also very funny too. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
Discovery Centre 5 September, 2015 11:44
Hi Jack! Our Planetarium staff suggest that you visit these websites which have loads of good stuff on seasons, Earth’s tilted axis and topics like that.