To Space and Back

Mars Rover
Mars Rover
Source: Franklin Institute in association with Sky-Skan

Discover how space exploration is shaping your world.

Space exploration, our greatest adventure, is having a big impact on our lives. From discovering a universe of unimaginable scale and beauty, to reaching down into our world and influencing the way in which we live.

Narrated by Top Gear’s James May, see the impact space technology has on our day-to-day lives.

Documentary for ages 10 years and over.


Produced by the Franklin Institute in association with Sky-Skan.

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helen 4 June, 2013 18:36
disappointing that there is no planetarium show for under 7s.
Discovery Centre 7 June, 2013 11:15
Hi Helen! Actually, Tycho to the Moon is recommended for 3-8 year olds, and is still showing. I hope this information helps you and your family enjoy future visits!
Tim 28 June, 2013 16:27
Wow! Great job guys! You are now showing THREE NEW SHOWS! I am just wondering whether To Space And Back will be showing after the school holidays, as it is finishing on 28 June.
MVBookings 4 July, 2013 13:40

To Space & Back will resume after the school holidays, scheduled to run at 2pm everyday.

We look forward to seeing you at the Planetarium.

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Larkin Nightingale 2 October, 2013 09:19
Hi there. I have a couple of bright 8.5 year old and they love space stuff. We will be visiting from NZ in November. Why is this show deemed suitable for over 10 year olds?
MVBookings 2 October, 2013 12:56

Thanks for your enquiry.

We recommend this show for an older age group due to the advanced content. However, this is just a guide and you are welcome to attend with children younger than 10.


Liz 2 November, 2013 09:17
Just wondering if there will be any shows on over the Christmas - New Year period (fingers crossed) ?
Discovery Centre 9 November, 2013 13:13

Hi Liz,

The summer holiday schedule hasn’t been finalized just yet - it will be soon and details of the shows will be available on the website, so keep an eye out.

max 7 June, 2014 20:30
Dose not make sense. On the description you guys type adult $6 yet when you go to book it becomes $16 for adult ticket. Is there a typing mistake or is there something i dont understand correctly?
MV Enquiries 8 June, 2014 16:15

Hi Max,

Due to the fact that the Planetarium is located in Scienceworks all tickets to the Planetarium are sold with general entry to Scienceworks. As adult entry to Scienceworks is $10 per adult and the Planetarium is $6 per adult then all adult tickets purchased online will be $16 (inclusive of general entry). If you wish to see more than one Planetarium show in one day then please call our bookings office on 13 11 02 and our bookings staff will be able to assist you.

Sophie 14 June, 2014 13:19
It looks like all the good adult shows will finish on the 22nd and we're coming on the 28th July! :( will there be new educational space shows starting like Ticket to the Universe? (Not like Elemental)
MV Customer Contact Centre 17 June, 2014 09:25

Hi Sophie,

To Space & Back will be showing at 2:30pm every weekday between 16-31 July. We look forward to seeing you at the Planetarium!