Tycho to the Moon

A dog in a spacesuit and a doghouse on the moon
Tycho to the Moon
Source: Museum Victoria

Meet Tycho, a dog who doesn’t just howl at the moon, but wants to go there.

See your favourite dog like never before, in the newly updated Planetarium where the stars will be brighter, skies darker and colours more intense.

Blast off on an amazing ride into space with Tycho and his young friends Ruby and Michael.

Learn about night and day, space travel, the phases of the Moon and features of the lunar surface. Take a close-up look at the Sun, watch the effects of gravity, see the Earth from space and watch meteors shoot across the night sky.

Tycho to the Moon Song
Composed and produced by Tim Prince and Peter Lawler
Features the children of Kensington Primary School.


Animated adventure for 3 to 8 year olds.

Produced by Melbourne Planetarium.

Little Kids' Day In session will only run for 30 minutes.

Save time and pre-purchase your Scienceworks and Melbourne Planetarium tickets online.


Event Type: Planetarium Show

Daily, Until 12 Apr 2015
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Monday, Tuesday, 13 Apr - 14 Apr 2015
12:30 PM - 1:15 PM

Melbourne Planetarium

$6 adult, $5 concessions and $4.50 children, plus museum entry.
MV Members receive discounted entry.

Purchase tickets on arrival – online bookings are also available.

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joel 14 November, 2010 13:41
How about some preview videos??
Discovery Centre 19 March, 2011 09:54
Hi Joel, sorry for the delay in replying to you. Our staff at the Planetarium have said it’s always been the plan to include preview clips  - or trailers - of the planetarium shows on our website. At the moment they are not sure when this will commence. 
David Saunders 13 April, 2011 17:37
I will enjoy this as well as my grandchildren.
kathy 22 June, 2011 13:55
Our kindergarten has been visiting the tycho to the moon show at the planetarium for a long time. i think that the tycho to the moon song should be available to down load on the internet.....and why has'nt someone put a book together about tycho (story book) for children.
Riley 10 July, 2011 18:11
I think that the movie Tycho to the moon was a really good movie and I would love to see it again, my cousins really enjoyed I too.
Tiana Egenraim 20 August, 2011 09:35
the planetaruim is great
Damian Miller 3 September, 2011 16:07
Just booked tickets to Science works and the service was very good and friendly. Looking forward to taking the family there tomorrow. Can't remember the name of the girl I talked to but it was 4:00pm on Saturday the 3rd of September.
patrick 7 November, 2011 14:30
i think the movie was great i would see it again
Eric 28 January, 2012 12:11
How about making it clear what times the sessions for the are. I am going round and round your site looking for session times. This should be made more clear for people who traveling from the country.......
Discovery Centre 28 January, 2012 12:49
Hi Eric, sorry you had difficulty. Without knowing what links you clicked on, generally, as with this example, the times are on the event page under the heading 'Event details'. These are quickly accessible from the 'What's on' menu/button on the home page. If you'd like to provide us with further information via Discovery Centre about how you found it troublesome to locate we'd appreciate the feedback to help improve our website.
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Nicole 20 March, 2012 09:55
How disappointing I just found out about Tycho, my kids would have LOVED this, but it finishes this weekend. I was hoping it would be on for the school holidays.
Susana 21 April, 2012 17:48
Hi, I know this is for kids between 3 to 8 years old, but Is there any problem if I take my two year olds daughter? I mean, Do you let us see the show?
Discovery Centre 22 April, 2012 10:08
Hi Susana, The age range is just a guide – the show was produced for three to eight year olds, but all children (and adults) enjoy it. You are most welcome to take your two year old to the show (she'll love it). We hope you enjoy your visit to Scienceworks and the Melbourne Planetarium.


Sarah 14 May, 2012 20:35
Is this a permanent exhibition and you have only confirmed session dates til 24 June, or will it end on 24 June? Would be quite helpful to know for planning. BTW I found it slightly easier to find information on this site than the main Melbourne Museum, thanks for your efforts!
Discovery Centre 15 May, 2012 16:18

Hi Sarah,
“Tycho to the Moon” is only listed until the 24th of June because that is the last day it has been programmed before the holidays start. During the winter holidays, Tycho will be showing at 11am and 1pm. Programming for Term 3 has not yet been finalised, however because of its popularity it will most likely continue to be scheduled at the usual times listed above. Keep checking this website for updates!

Dana 12 September, 2012 21:30
My son loved Tycho and talks about it all the time. He also asks for a book or a plush Tycho doll. Can I get something like that anywhere?
Discovery Centre 13 September, 2012 14:02

Hi Dana,

We are in the process of producing Tycho merchandise but unfortunately we do not have a timeframe at this stage.

Bailey 16 August, 2013 18:10
Wow tycho going to the moon is very cool the first dog on the moon
Melissa 11 November, 2013 21:08
Is Monday the only day during the week that Tycho is showing?
MV Customer Contact Centre 15 November, 2013 11:35

Hi Melissa,

At the moment Tycho is showing at 1.00pm on Saturdays and 12.00pm on Sundays

Kirsty 15 February, 2014 16:27
Is Tycho only showing on the weekend at the moment?
MV Customer Contact Centre 18 February, 2014 14:54

Hi Kirsty,

Tycho to the Moon is currently screening at 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays as well as on Labour Day, Monday 10th March. You can also catch a shortened 30 minute session at Little Kids' Day In at 11am or 12pm on Monday 3rd March. Bookings recommended.

Hope 29 June, 2014 20:02
Hi, I see that Tyco is playing this coming Wednesday 2nd July at 10am, however I believe Scienceworks does not open until 10am. How does this work? Is this the only time it will be showing on Wednesday? thanks
MV Enquiries 2 July, 2014 09:59

Hi Hope,

On the days we are offering a 10am show of Tycho to the Moon during the school holidays we will open the Planetarium entrance doors at 9:45am. For the 10am show you will need to pre-book either over the phone or online at least an hour in advance. During the school holidays we will also be offering Tycho the Moon every day at 11am and 1pm and we would highly recommend pre-booking for any show at the Planetarium during the school holidays. Enjoy your visit to Scienceworks and the Planetarium!

Paula Rees 4 August, 2014 07:20
Is it possible to buy a copy of the show 'Tilt' for our school, or will it be on again. Tycho was a wonderful show. Our whole family loved it!
Discovery Centre 4 August, 2014 14:10
Hi Paula, glad you liked it, if you scroll back to the top of this page you will see a list of future times when Tycho will be on.
Sal 24 September, 2014 17:54
Was great. I enjoyed it as much as my 7 year old did & I loved how after the show finished the staff member shared some info about the stars, milky way etc. Fnatastic. As my 7 year old said - this is so cool! Best day ever mum!
Evah 26 October, 2014 09:06
Is it possible to have the kids show like Tycho to the Moon a bit earlier on Saturdays? 11am or 12pm? Thank you.
MVBookings 5 November, 2014 15:28
Hi Evah, We have passed this on to our education department. In the meantime, there's always Little Kids Day In, which is usually the first Monday of the month, during which we show Tycho to the Moon earlier in the day.
Ell 2 January, 2015 01:50
What a shame it clashes with the In Too Deep performance! We have wanted to see Tycho for so long but always miss it due to one thing or another. Oh well, there's always next time...! The whole family loves coming to Scienceworks. All the staff do a great job & the kids learn while they have fun. Perfect !
Kate 3 January, 2015 19:12
is Tycho only showing at 12pm during the January school holidays or are there other sessions? I would like to go on Jan 8.
MVBookings 8 January, 2015 15:36
Hi Kate, 

Tycho to the Moon will only be screening at 12pm daily until the 28th of January.