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The magnificent interior of the Royal Exhibition Building.
Source: Museum Victoria

Discover the history and beauty of this magnificently restored building.

Tours are held most days at 2pm, subject to availability. Tours may not run when the building is in use for certain events and exhibitions. Please call 13 11 02 to confirm.

Built in 1879 for Melbourne’s first International Exhibition, it was chosen as the venue for the opening of the first Commonwealth Parliament of Australia on 9 May 1901, and recently became Australia’s first World Heritage Listed building.

Experience the life, stories and affections of millions of people that have contributed to this national icon, Museum Victoria’s largest collection object.

The tour starts in the foyer at Melbourne Museum.

Cost $10 Adults, $8 Concession and $7 Children/MV Members.

What's On at the Royal Exhibition Building

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Juliana 4 October, 2011 13:24
I want to go there
Adam North 25 October, 2011 15:40
I will be in Melbourne from the 31 oct to 2nd Nov, I just wondering if the guilded tours of the Royal Exhibition Building will be operating then?
darren turner 30 October, 2011 09:30
hi just like to know whats on @ the museum next year thank you.
Discovery Centre 30 October, 2011 09:56
Hi Darren, Here is a link to the Royal Exhibition Building What's On page and Melbourne Museum's Upcoming Exhibitions page. Upcoming events and exhibitions are generally advertised 4-6 weeks prior.
Discovery Centre 30 October, 2011 10:15

Hi Adam, the Museum attempts to provide daily tours at 2pm, however this is subject to availability. I therefore recommend that on the day you wish to visit the Royal Exhibition Building you phone our Bookings & Enquiries Office to confirm that the tour will be running on 13 11 02.

Lucita 31 December, 2011 20:07
I called the no. 13 11 02 being making a trip to the Exhibition Building and the staff member told me that tours would be run every day. When I arrived I learned from the information desk at Melbourne Museum that the Exhhibition Centre is closed until Jan-8. This piece of information is nowhere to be found on this website. Disappointing.
Discovery Centre 3 January, 2012 11:15
Hi Lucita, apologies for the misinformation you received about the tour.  We are following that up with staff to ensure they all have up to date information and we’ll check and update our website appropriately.  We appreciate your feedback and apologise for your inconvenience.
Judith 30 March, 2012 19:39
I have friends coming from Adelaide for Easter - Thursday 5th April until Tuesday morning 10th April. Is there a time when they can see this beautfiful building which I, a Melbourne resident, first saw today at the Flower and Garden show? They are not free on the Saturday.
Discovery Centre 31 March, 2012 10:38
Hi Judith, as indicated above, entry to the REB is via tour only or when there is an exhibition on. Our response to Adam suggests that you should ring the day before to check that the tour is running.
Teresa 31 March, 2012 20:50
Is it ok to take photos during a tour?
Discovery Centre 1 April, 2012 09:51
Hi Teresa, yes photography is allowed on the tour.
Malcolm 14 March, 2015 13:07
While there is an event is their any restrictions on taking photos ??
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cc 19 April, 2012 08:42
I am surprised that under 'Visiting' there aren't any opening hours listed. I would expect to find that there and cannot see this info elsewhere on this website.
Trevor 30 April, 2012 01:38
Are tours available whilst there is an event ie, Australian Antiques and Art Dealers on?
Brooke 10 May, 2012 21:13
My self and a group of friends went to see the Melbourne Museum and also the Royal Exhibition Building. We were not able to see the Royal Exhibition Building as it was setting up for the art show and when we went to the Melbourne Museum to find information about the Royal Exhibition Building there was only 1 panflet on the building. I thought that was very disapointing as the Royal Exhibition Building has a lot of history and as a student i could not find enough inforamtion about it. I think that there should be more information about both the Royal Exhibition Building and also the Melbourne Museum.
Discovery Centre 11 May, 2012 16:47
Hi Brooke, There is indeed a great deal of information about the Royal Exhibition Building in the Discovery Centre on the lower ground level of the Melbourne Museum, and much of that information is available on the Museum Victoria website. These resources include:

Internet Resources:


The Discovery Centre is open every day from 10am to 4:30pm.

Rachel 11 June, 2012 12:25
Hi, will there be a guided tour on 28 June?
Daniel 11 June, 2012 14:27
I am thinking of visiting the Melbourne Museum on a Friday 13 July. Assuming that a tour of the Exhibition Building will be on that day, how long does it usually last? I also want to be able to see the spider feeding at 3pm.
Li-wei 19 August, 2012 02:23
Hi, I would like to know too, how long is the duration of the tour.
Martin 29 December, 2012 05:41
My question is, Can you explore on your own or do you have to take a tour?
Laurence 19 January, 2013 08:56
Still NO opening hours information on the Exhibition Centre Website! Really a glaring omission people. :(
Discovery Centre 29 January, 2013 14:36
Hi Laurence, Thank you for your feedback regarding the published time of the tour through the Royal Exhibition Building. On most days the tour departs Melbourne Museum at 2pm. The tour time and access can vary depending on the season and events, hence the reason why we do not publish the time on the website. To confirm tour times please call 131102 on the day of your visit.
Phil Vincent 18 March, 2013 06:01
Is a guided tour available Sunday 31st March 2013. If yes is it possible to book in advance? Thanks
Discovery Centre 18 March, 2013 15:36
Hi Phil,

At this point stage we do plan to proceed with a tour on Sunday 31st of March, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes it can't go ahead, so it is advisable to call our bookings team on 13 11 02 on the morning of Sunday 31st to check to see if the tour is going ahead and if so, make a booking.

Adam 24 May, 2013 11:04
Hi there Royal Exhibition Building! What are the chances you'll be holding a tour on Saturday 25 May? I'm aware that the beer festival is on - that also looks fun! Do you allow drinking during walking tours? Cheers!
WING 12 June, 2013 15:00
Hi Just would like to know if there is still a guided tour at 2pm on Jul 6 this year? Thank you.
Ellen Wu 6 August, 2013 17:19
Hi, I would like to enquire whether there will be a tour on Monday 26 August, 2013.
Bookings 10 August, 2013 11:36
Unfortunately, we are only able to determine on the day if the tour is running. You can do this by calling 13 11 02 from 9.00am, the person you speak to will be able to advise if the tour is running on the day
Jennie 22 August, 2013 10:56
Hi! I would like to know, when the Events is on, can we join? We thinking bring our kids to visit the building and the events at the same time.
MV Bookings 27 August, 2013 10:22
Hi Jennie we are only able to determine on the day if the tour is running. You can do this by calling 13 11 02 from 9.00am, the person you speak to will be able to advise if the tour is running on the day
Claire 21 November, 2013 13:45
What are the indigenous flags you are flying today? Two of them seem a little different from the usual.
Discovery Centre 22 November, 2013 13:14

Hi Claire,

The flags currently hoisted at the Royal Exhibition Building are part of a the National Gallery of Victoria's exhibition Melbourne Now and designed by local artist Brook Andrews. More information about the project can be found here.

SK Tse 14 April, 2014 17:20
Hi! We are two tourists from Hong Kong. We would like to make a booking for the Royal exhibitiob Building Tour on 28/5/14. Would it be possible to have the tour on that day? If not, what other dates are available? Much appreciated if you would let us know ASAP. Thank you!
Discovery Centre 15 April, 2014 15:21

Hi Sk Tse,

Unfortunately Royal Exhibition Tours cannot be booked in advance as on some occasions the health and safety requirements of different temporary shows and exhibitions prevent the tours from running.  Please call 13 11 02 on the morning you intend to visit to enquire if a tour is running and make a booking.

Stacy Chen 29 June, 2014 20:41
Hi! We are four tourists from Taiwan. We would like to make a booking for the Royal exhibition Building Tour on 2/7/14. Would it be possible to have the tour on that day? If not, what other dates are available? Much appreciated if you would let us know ASAP. Thank you!
Kandi 9 September, 2014 20:12
Just wondering how long does the tour run for?? is it suitable for a 5 & 7 yr old?? thank you
MV Customer Contact Centre 11 September, 2014 16:49

Hi Kandi,

Royal Exhibition Building tours run for 45 to 60 minutes, although this is subject to availability. The tour is suitable for all ages, although we have found that due to the historical nature of the tour, ages 7 and up tend to be most appropriate. 

On the day you wish to attend the tour, please make sure to call 13 11 02 to find out the tour times. 

James 15 September, 2014 12:04
Does the exhibition building have free wifi? Is there wifi available if I am exhibiting at the exhibition building?
Shannon 14 March, 2015 15:28
Will the Gasolene Muscle Car expo be on this year?
Discovery Centre 17 March, 2015 12:25
Hi Shannon, unfortunately the Gasoline Muscle Car Expo is not on at the Royal Exhibition Building this year. 

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