Lightning Room

Discover the ultimate hair-raising experience with a science show in the Scienceworks Lightning Room.

Officially launched at Scienceworks in April 2004, the 120-seat theatre offers 30 minute live shows that are informative, entertaining and electrifying!

Lightning Room
Photographer: Benjamin Healley
Source: Museum Victoria

Highlighting each show is the giant Tesla Coil, capable of generating two million volts of electricity to produce three metre lightning bolts. No other science centre or museum in the world utilises such high voltage generation!

Other displays include an electromagnetic can crusher, a Jacob’s ladder, storm safety strategies and a high voltage pickle cucumber that can really light up your day!

In addition to public and educational live shows, the Lightning Room is also used for research, lectures and experiments by university students.

The High Voltage equipment was kindly donated by Telstra, following the closure of its Lightning Lab at the Telstra Research Laboratories.

The Lightning Room was funded by Victoria University and Museum Victoria with the generous support of Telstra, AGL, Agility, SP AusNet, Olex Cables, Ed Bondarenko & Associates and the Department of Innovation Industry & Regional Development.

A surcharge applies to Lightning Room shows.

Public shows are held daily. For session times visit What's On.

Education Shows:

The Electrical Energy, Safety and Lightning Show

Our special equipment will be used to demonstrate energy transfers and transformations involved in electricity generation and everyday use.

The Electricity, Magnets and Movement Show

Explore the relationships between electricity, magnets and movement and how they are applied in devices such as generators, electromagnets and electric motors.

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