Mars Expedition

Earth with the Moon in the background
Earth with the Moon in the background
Source: NASA, JPL

The Mars Expedition package will give your students an opportunity to learn about Mars and the human endeavour to get there. In the Journey to Mars show, students are challenged to examine reasons for sending robots and eventually people to Mars as well as comparing similarities and differences between Mars and Earth. In the Design a Martian Mover program, students gather information from exhibits in the Think Ahead exhibition to design a vehicle that astronauts can use when they finally land on Mars in 20 years time!

An example itinerary could be:
10.30am arrival/general viewing
11:00am Design a Martian Mover program
12noon lunch
12:30pm Journey to Mars science show
1.00pm Departure 

Term 2, Friday

Minimum of 15 students per session
Cost: $7.70 per student, + education service fee.