The Seasons

The Sun
The Sun
Source: NASA

The Seasons package will give your students an opportunity to learn about how the length of day and night, the tilt of the Earth and the intensity of light from the Sun contribute to the cause of the seasons.

This package includes the Tilt Planetarium show and the Reasons for the Seasons workshop.

An example itinerary could be:
10.00am – General viewing of exhibitions
11.00am – Reasons for the Seasons
12.00pm – Lunch
1.00pm – Tilt Planetarium show

Tuesday to Friday
Term 1: 10 March – 4 April (weekdays, excluding public holidays)
Term 2: 22 April – 23 May

Maximum of 30 students per session
Minimum of 15 students per session

Cost: $7.70 per student + education service fee