Maths and Problem Solving

Props from problem solving activity
Props from problem solving activity
Image: Daniel Avano
Source: Museum Victoria

The Maths and Problem Solving package will introduce your students to problem solving strategies by exploring real life situations. The hands-on activities in the Sportsworks exhibition offer a great back drop for students to investigate their understanding of a variety of maths topics, including estimation, measurement, decimals and fractions.

This package includes the Problem Solving education program as well as the self guided Sporty Maths program in the Sportsworks exhibition. The Mathamazing exhibition can be utilised for general viewing and will give students the opportunity to test their problem solving skills.

An example itinerary could be:
10.00am – Problem Solving education program
11:00am – Mathamazing exhibition
12:00pm – Lunch
1.00pm – Sportsworks exhibition and Sporty Maths program

Weekdays, excluding public holidays
Term 1: 10 March – 4 April
Term 2: 22 April – 23 May

Maximum of 30 students per session
Minimum of 15 students per session

Cost: $4.40 per student + education service fee