Design a Martian Mover

Year 5 and 6, Led by Museum staff

A museum staff member begins the program with an introduction to the Think Ahead exhibition and links the themes to their Mars mission.

The mission is to design a vehicle that astronauts can use when they finally land on Mars in the next 20 years or so. Students explore the exhibition and collect information using iPads, then come together at the end of the session and learn how to use the information collected to come up with an amazing design for their Martian Mover.

Students send the information collected to themselves via email for further research, and suggested activities (provided) to do back at school.

Design a Martian Mover curriculum links: Science as a Human Endeavour and the Solar System learning outcome.

Available: Term 2, Mondays and Fridays
Session times: 11am and 1pm
Session duration: 60 minutes

Maximum 30 students per session
Cost: $4.40 per student + education service fee

Bookings: 03 9392 4819

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