Years 6 - 10, Self guided

Explore the mathematics behind everyday life in this fun exhibition about organising information, making decisions, creativity, problem solving and logical reasoning.

Investigate mathematical shapes, probability/chance, sequences and series, and discover mathematical puzzles, trigonometry, topology and mechanics.

Scienceworks recommends Mathamazing for upper primary students as it includes exhibits that can be explored with further unpacking of concepts back at school.

Some exhibits demonstrate how maths is applied to the world around us, such as Shapes in Nature, Tetrahedron and Meissner Solids. Test students' problem solving skills with exhibits and activities such as: Shortest Journey, River Crossing, Seven Bridges and Eight Bridges, Manacles, Tower of Brahma and over 50 placemat puzzles.

Visit Mathamazing on the Questacon website for Australian Curriculum links and exhibit images and information.

There are a number of Museum Victoria resources available to schools that can support a visit to the Mathamazing exhibition at Scienceworks and extend the maths experience.

Pre or post-visit activities

  • Schools can hire the Problem Solving Learning Kit and explore the activities in the kit before their visit. This will give them a great introduction into problem solving strategies that they can put into practice as they tackle the activities in the exhibition.
  • Schools can use our maths online activities in the Figure It Out – Maths at Work program - in particular the Design a maths exhibit challenge. This is a team project about designing a maths exhibit taking into account a design brief. Students can use the exhibition visit to collect and test ideas for this project and take photographs.

During the museum visit

Mathamazing was developed by Questacon, The National Science and Technology Centre, Canberra. A detailed exhibit list with corresponding related maths themes can be downloaded – Mathamazing Exhibition list (doc, 423kb)

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Available: Until 13 July 2014
Monday – Friday, 10am to 2pm
Session Duration: 60 minutes
Maximum 60 students per session
Cost: education service fee