Years 4-8, Self-guided program

Rescue operations require a high level of training and are undertaken by specialist rescue squads. Rescue the exhibition, delves into this world, exploring topics related to rescue techniques, emergency supplies and equipment.

Visitors can engage with exciting hands on and full-body experiences such as fire fighting, surf rescue and sea life survival, whilst comprehensive graphic panels communicate the technology and techniques that rescuers use.

Captivating exhibits throw visitors straight into the thrall of emergency scenarios and engage all ages. Key messages include;

  • Technology expands our capacity to rescue
  • Rescue is a human endeavour
  • Rescue situations promote innovation and improvements in technology

This exhibition provides unique teaching and learning opportunities. Primary-aged school students will particularly benefit from interacting with exhibits such as the Fire experience and Modern life raft, which involve learning about collaboration and assistance in physical rescue scenarios; whilst secondary school-aged students will be able to explore challenging rescue concepts and practices with the Search patterns and Wave rescue exhibits.

Available from 24 March to 3 October 2014
Monday - Friday, 10am to 2pm

Session duration: 60 minutes
Maximum 60 students per session
Cost: Education service fee