Figure It Out - Maths at Work

How does a palaeontologist estimate the height of a dinosaur from a single bone?

How does an exhibition designer work out how to display exhibits in a museum?

They use maths!

Figure It Out shows maths at work in everyday life. It highlights how maths can be applied to a variety of situations in the work place.  Choose a theme that you are interested in, view the expert video and take on their challenge. Can you figure it out?"

Once you have completed your challenge, you can email us your solutions.

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  • Sextant - Troughton, London, circa 1820
  • Measuring Device - Angle Marker, Wooden, circa 1970-1990
  • Theodolite - Ertel, 7 Inch, 1850s
  • Arithmometer - Thomas de Colmar, No. 1243, 1875
  • Mechanical Calculator - Contina, CURTA Model II, Liechtenstein, 1966
  • Pocket Watch - Cyma, Switzerland, circa 1940
  • Coin - Penny, Alexander III, Scotland, 1280-1286