Past Event: 26 August 2013 to 14 July 2014

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Logic Goats
Source: Questacon

Explore how mathematics is part of our daily life – at work, home and play.

Escape from the grip of manacles and test your patience and lateral thinking skills. Drop a ball onto a parabola-shaped dish and see what happens to it. Explore the beauty of shapes in nature, plus lots more.

Mathamazing features 22 interactives and mega puzzles exploring probability and chance, statistics, fractions, geometry and problem solving.

Mathamazing was developed by Questacon, The National Science and Technology Centre, Canberra.

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Kath Forster 30 September, 2013 21:02
What ages is the mathamazing suited to?
MV Customer Contact Centre 1 October, 2013 17:06

Hi Kath,

The exhibition is targeted at visitors aged 12 years and above, but two Mega Maths Puzzle exhibits can be enjoyed by younger visitors.

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Darren Ball 21 October, 2013 13:59
Hi there. Do we need to book in for school groups and is there any way we can access teacher resources relating to the exhibits/interactives?
MV Customer Contact Centre 23 October, 2013 16:12

Hi Darren,

Thank you for your enquiry. 

Yes all school groups must be booked into either of our three venues in advance to ensure access to exhibitions, shows, education programs and other activities.  On our website we have different education materials depending on which venue and what you are interested in.  Our website is easy to navigate but if you require further assistance we are happy to help and you can call us on 131102,  just select the relevant venue.

Hope this has answered your question.  Kind regards

Jol 12 July, 2014 14:18
Do we need to book for sunday 13 july?

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