Rescue Daily, Until 5 Oct 2014
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

How would you react in a high-pressure scenario with people’s lives at stake?

Take control of a full-size helicopter simulator to get a bird’s eye view of a rescue scene and use infrared cameras to look for heat signals.

Navigate a jet ski around obstacles in a simulated environment as you search for a swimmer washed out to sea.

Experience what it’s like to find your way through a smoke-filled room.

Explore the science and technology behind real-life rescue scenarios with interactive exhibits that will teach you about medicine, search techniques, radio communication, rescue supplies and equipment such as the Jaws of Life.

Developed by Scitech, Perth 


Event Type: Temporary Exhibition

Daily, Until 5 Oct 2014
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM


$6 adult, $5 concessions and $4.50 children, plus museum entry.
MV Members receive discounted entry.

Bookings recommended especially on weekends, school holidays and public holidays. Phone 13 11 02 or book online.

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phoebe miles and tess 3 January, 2014 13:12
this place is awesome!it is not only fun but you could learn alot!i hope the carnival of sience is still there because you could face your fears on the gilloteen get you head on a plate in the head on a plate get pesing on the bet of nails and LOADS more!!!
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maasfa 31 March, 2014 10:03
your so cool
Lucky 5 April, 2014 18:13
We came today and my kids (early primary school aged) had a great time. Much of the Rescue exhibit was beyond their age right now (a lot of reading and puzzles) but the ball pit with the raft kept them occupied for ages :) We spent from 11-4 at the museum and didn't even get to see any other exhibits! We will definitely be back again before the end of the holidays...
Billie 15 April, 2014 15:10
Ur staff are very nice
Rachel Pearson 30 April, 2014 14:30
Great time, just disappointing that you charge for 3 and 4 year old for the Rescue section, yet they couldn't do the main attraction for them (ball pit) as they weren't tall enough.
Discovery Centre 2 May, 2014 12:41

Hi Rachel - Sorry to hear of your disappointment! The height restriction is in place as previous experience in similar exhibitions is that this activity is deep and even harder to wade through than water, meaning that the little ones can become distressed and anxious. There are many other activities in this section that are appropriate for the younger visitor, so we hope you found lots of fun to be had anyway!

jess 30 June, 2014 17:22
Can you please tell me what the height restriction is for the ball pit?
Discovery Centre 1 July, 2014 16:59
Hi Jess, children need to be over a metre in height to have a go in the ball pit.