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Stretch your mind and your muscles.

Sportsworks is the place to leap, run, throw and row. Pit your skills against some of Australia's best-known sportspeople and investigate your body's abilities for particular sports. Are you tall? Flexible? Can you jump high, run fast or react quickly? Record your results in your Sportspass and see how your abilities change between visits.

You can race against Cathy Freeman, try out as a soccer goalkeeper, and zoom down the slopes in our snowboarding simulator. You'll also find out why sports have their own specialised footwear, balls and other gear.

Take the sporting challenge at Sportsworks and learn all about the science behind moving your body.


Event Type: Permanent Exhibition

Daily, Now Showing
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM


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Star 17 January, 2015 10:34
How long will take to view this Exhibition?
Lachie 6 November, 2014 11:55
It was fun because i ran 3.22 sec in the race also i liked the netball ring and footy went there 5th of november 2014
Logan 2 August, 2014 11:25
We had great fun in sports works. Thank you for a good time. Nitty Gritty Super City was my favourite of all.
caitlin 21 January, 2014 16:05
this is awsesome i almost bet cathly freaman
Adrian 7 December, 2013 15:10
Me and my brother raced Cathy Freeman and we both bet her, I ran 1.15 seconds.
Kate 21 November, 2013 09:29
We have been to Scienceworks and loved it! I wanted to know about different types of chemicals and why they react. Can you please email me some information? Thank you.
Discovery Centre 28 November, 2013 10:55

Hi Kate,

Thanks for your enquiry.  All matter is made of chemicals.  Chemical reactions involve interaction between two or more chemicals, resulting in the creation of new materials.  You can read about chemicals, their reactions, and even learn some simple experiments, on the website of the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.
Stuart Is awesome true fact 3 September, 2013 15:03
How long is the cathy freeman race
Discovery Centre 6 September, 2013 11:03
Hi Stuart, Cathy Freeman’s running track is 9500 mm long from start line to finish line.This was the maximum amount of space we had available while allowing people sufficient space to slow down before reaching the gallery wall.



Dan 5 August, 2013 18:08
I got 1 flat on the run
Ashleigh 7 July, 2013 08:33
There is no doubt that Cathy Freeman was a fantastic runner, but Scienceworks, it's time to update it to something more recent. How about a Sally Pearson hurdles track?
Ashleigh 15 July, 2013 10:53
Discovery Centre 8 July, 2013 10:19
Hi Ashleigh, thanks for the feedback. We contacted the Exhibitions Manager at Scienceworks, and he advised that Sportsworks will be subject to a review and upgraded when the funds and resources become available.

As part of that review, we'd definitely be looking at updating Cathy Freeman along with some of the other exhibits where new technologies or sporting identities have emerged.

SeE 29 September, 2012 18:11
I love sports works, I got 57 seconds on the running track! I am soooooo fast!
Super star 15 June, 2012 20:16
I think sport works is cool!
Anastaychia 21 May, 2012 13:45
i was just wondering if you could possibly inform me about the sustainable resources held at Science works please its for an assessment about sustainablity and i am interested in using science works but i need to know if you are involved in using sustainable resources if you could please email me as soon as possible that will be great thank you.
Discovery Centre 22 May, 2012 13:11

Hi Anastaychia,
A staff member has emailed you regarding your question.

ianna 11 April, 2012 10:21
what is the appropriete age group for this? i just wondering if it will be a bit childish...
Discovery Centre 12 April, 2012 09:45
Hi there Ianna, Sportsworks is for all ages. The Discovery Centre staff loved it when we went there recently!
Harvey 30 January, 2012 09:39
The running Track is so cool i made it in 1.1 seconds
hannah 9 December, 2011 10:44
im one of the gymnasts on the beam comment if u saw me :)
Bob the Builder 6 December, 2011 14:53
I love Scienceworks its great for the whole family!
melissa 29 November, 2011 17:38
OMG the sportswork was sooo fun i made 2.9 in the cathy freeman race i want today 29/11/2011
Nivin 28 September, 2011 19:47
I was soooo good i did the the running race in 4.23 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!
Taylah P 2 September, 2011 10:30
I liked the wheelchair race, i bet my friend kate yesterday!!!
Emily 29 June, 2011 22:34
scienceworks is soo fun i bet cathy freeman by miles!
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bailey 18 March, 2011 10:53
i got 9 sec in the running race
Redron 18 October, 2010 10:48
You should advertise more info on it
Harry isaacs 7 September, 2010 17:55
The running race thing because it was so fun i made 27 sec