BASF Kids’ Lab

Past Event: 17 August 2013 to 18 August 2013

Boy with glove and glasses doing a science experiement
Experience the fascinating world of chemistry through simple, hands-on experiments.
Source: Museum Victoria

Experience the fascinating world of chemistry through simple and hands-on experiments.

From bright red capsicums to juicy lemons – which foods have more Vitamin C?
Using a gargle solution and a fun and simple experiment process, kids will investigate which fruit and vegetables contain the most Vitamin C. They’ll also learn how to do the experiment at home to test all the foods in their fridge!

How to make hair gel that holds spikes and curls!
How do you make hair gel – and what makes it hold our hairstyles in place all day long? In this experiment, kids will make their own hair gel – complete with colour and fragrance – to take home. They’ll also learn about the sticky material in hair gel, which is also used in inks, adhesives, other cosmetics and even agricultural products.

Who knew slime was so springy! Learn how to make bouncy balls.
Demonstrating the elasticity of polymers, kids will use the same chemicals it takes to make slime. Then, they’ll add a special ingredient – cornflour! – which will help them mould the slime into their very own bright-coloured bouncy ball.

Suitable for children aged 6-12. Bookings are essential as places are limited.

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