Little Kids' Day In

Little Kids' Day In Monday 4 May 2015
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

A fun day especially for kids aged under 6 years, their parents and carers.

Little Kids’ Day In Program Monday 4 May

Tycho to the Moon 10.30am & 11.30am
Meet Tycho, the first dog on the moon. Share the adventures of Tycho and his young friends Ruby and Michael as they blast off to the moon.
Suitable for ages 3 to 8 years
A surcharge applies.

Federation Handbells 10am – 2pm
Get musical and play the beautiful Federation Handbells! Create sounds or play a tune using the bells.

Big Blue Bathtub 10am – 2pm
Watch babies shake, rattle and roll as they explore our brand new paddling pool filled not with water, but with homemade sensory toys!

Nitty Gritty Super City
This fantastic exhibition, designed specifically for 3-8 year olds, allows children to explore science in the city. Explore a recycling factory, steer a ship, visit the café and record your own weather report. Create in the construction zone, drive a digger, pedal the pianola and much more.

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Event Type: Special Event

Next Little Kids' Day In

Monday 4 May 2015
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

More Dates for 2015

Monday 1 June 2015
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Monday 3 August 2015
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Monday 7 Sept 2015
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Monday 19 Oct 2015
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Monday 19 Dec 2015
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Little kids FREE. Big kids (adults) $12.
Additional charges apply for Planetarium and Lightning Room shows.

Comments (62)

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Tim 30 March, 2012 18:39
How much is it for 7-18 year olds?
Discovery Centre 31 March, 2012 11:34
Hi Tim, Little Kids' Day In is designed for younger children but it is included with normal museum entry. Our entry prices can be found on the 'Visiting' tab above.
Monique 27 April, 2012 13:22
I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting on the little kids big day in my 21month old son just loves them we have gone to 2 so far and are lookingforward tocoming this may he just loves it Thanks so much
Emilie 5 May, 2012 07:42
Sounds like a great idea! Will these always be run on Mondays? Would love to attend but can't do Mondays.
Discovery Centre 7 May, 2012 09:35
Hi Deanna and Emilie, Little Kids Day has been programmed for the entire year as a pilot program and will be always be held on Mondays allowing younger children to experience the museum on days when there are not as many school bookings. The dates for this year are 7 May (today), 4 June, 6 August, 3 September, 22 October and 3 December in 2012.
Amy Fischer 22 May, 2012 09:09
Is entry to Little Kids Day included in MV membership? Thanks
Discovery Centre 22 May, 2012 13:16

Hi Amy,
The Little Kids' Day In is free for MV Members.

Rosie 14 June, 2012 07:28
We sadly missed the Little kids days. Will you be running them again? Please! I have been told by friends who went that they were such fun.
Discovery Centre 14 June, 2012 12:30
Hi Rosie, please refer to our reply to Deanna and Emilie above, which gives the dates of the Little Kids' Day In for the rest of the year.
sally 27 June, 2012 13:02
what a great idea! i struggle to find new places to take my two year old too (apart from the usual play centres) - look forward to coming along :)
Shayan 18 July, 2013 13:29
Sally - Scienceworks and other kids events can be found easily on KIDSPIN
Karen 27 June, 2012 20:14
What a great idea!
lisa drake 29 June, 2012 19:13
I wish we had have known about this before now. When we visited a month ago it was packed with school groups and very unenjoyable for our whole family
Katherine 2 July, 2012 12:46
Do we need to book places or can we just turn up on the day?
MV Customer Service 25 July, 2012 15:10

Hi Katherine,

We advise that you pre-book your tickets if you are planning to visit a Planetarium or Lightning Room show, or the Wallace & Gromit exhibition. Otherwise you will be able to purchase general admission tickets at the door.

Gabby 31 July, 2012 21:03
Hi will these little kids day ever run on another day other then Mondays...would love for my 2 yr old to attend but unfortunately we're not available Mondays (or Tuesdays). Cheers G
Stephanie 3 August, 2012 18:04
We have a MV membership - can our son's carer use this to enter in for free?
Discovery Centre 21 July, 2012 11:15
Hi Faith, MV Members get free entry into Scienceworks (usually $10 for adults) and half-price tickets for Planetarium and Lightening Room shows (usually $6 for adults and $3 for concession). The full list of benefits can be found on the MV Members page of our website.
paulo 20 August, 2012 20:36
is the lil kids day suitable for kids who come from a non English speaking background?
MV Customer Services 26 August, 2012 11:44

Hi Paulo,

There are plenty of hands-on activites for kids to enjoy, so an English-speaking background is not required.

Mel 22 August, 2012 11:37
Hi, my son is nearly 9 months. Would this be appropriate for his age group? What sorts of things can we expect to see/do?
Kate 25 September, 2012 16:10
Would 12-13 month old kids get something out of Little Kids Day In? My 1yo is very inquisitive, loves watching me do things and loves undoing whatever I make.
MV Customer Services 26 September, 2012 14:53

Hi Kate,

For an inquisitive youngster, the Nitty Gritty Super City exhibit would be quite appropriate, it is more geared towards 3-8 year olds, however, there are still interactives in the exhibit a 12 month old would get something out of.

Marianne 5 October, 2012 16:17
What about Bigger Kids? Nothing for them? I have a 9yo and a 12yo. They don't seem to be catered for here at all.
Lauren Beech 30 November, 2012 16:56
Hi, I am just wondering if this would be suitable for my son, he turned 7 in August but we're coming down from the Northern Territory for a holiday just me and him and Scienceworks is on my to do list since I haven't been since the Star Trek exhibit was there! I'm wondering if Monday is the day to go or whether we should try another day. Thanks
MV Customer Services 4 December, 2012 15:10

Hi Lauren

Little kids day in is more for pre-schoolers to be able to enjoy the facilities without older school children in on the day.

For a 7 year old, any day would be good at Scienceworks, particularly midweek afternoons as it is a little quieter during this time.

Justine 18 January, 2013 19:36
Will there be activities for 1 year olds or is that too young?
MV Customer Services 21 January, 2013 13:28

Hi Justine,

The Little Kids' Day In activities are designed for pre-school aged children. Accordingly we cater for all ages younger than 5.


We look forward to seeing you!

melissa 6 February, 2013 21:03
I note previous question is unanswered - would a nine / ten month old gain much from this? (My twins are crawling, walking if aided, can see & touch & get excited by new experiences, but are definitely not independent in any way) ... Would it be interesting for them or too much for them? And is there anywhere for them to crawl (under supervision & monitoring) or are all spaces walking only?
Discovery Centre 7 March, 2013 16:00
Hi Melissa, we have checked with the Education and Community Programs Staff at Scienceworks and on LKDI we offer addition activities which alter each month. We often have storytelling sessions where children are free to sit and crawl around this area in the Planetarium Foyer and games on the Arena outside where families sit and have picnics while children can play with balls, run underneath a giant parachute and chase bubbles. Our last  LKDI hosted a puppet show and you can regularly check what is on at each LKDI from our website.

We do require that parents and carers supervise children at all times and our friendly Customer Service Officers are always on hand for advice.

Your twins of nine/ten months old would definitely get excited by the new experiences, they would have small spaces to crawl around and especially enjoy our exhibition Nitty Gritty Super City which is aimed at 2/3 to 5 year olds. We are endeavouring to include more tactile activities in the future to cater for your twins’ age group on LKDI events.

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Ninna 27 February, 2013 12:16
Hi, Is there pram access/parking available or is it best to leave the pram at home?
MV Customer Services 27 February, 2013 15:30

Hi Ninna, 

With all the people that come on Little Kids' Day In, it can get a bit squishy with prams, so it is best to leave them at home or in the car.

zalak 4 March, 2013 10:37
it would be nice if there was an option for other days of the week. i would love to take my 3.5 year old to this but only have wed off.
Penelope ISON 4 March, 2013 13:56
Unfortunately today wasn't as good as last time. More games for kids required like last Kids Day.
raelene 2 May, 2013 18:16
hi my tow boys went to scieneworks excursion for grades 2 3/4 on the 1/5/2013 and they had fun
rose 21 July, 2013 21:43
Hi could you tell me if there is plenty of space for strollers to get around in? I would like to come to the little kids day in with my two little ones, & just wondering if I should leave the stroller in the car or not!
MVBookings 22 July, 2013 14:14

Thanks for your enquiry.

Little Kids Day In is specially designed for younger children and their parents, so there is plenty of space for prams throughout the Museum.

Please keep in mind that we are undergoing some major redevelopments so some of the thoroughfares between gallery spaces are more limited than usual.

We hope to see you at LKDI!

Kelly Wilkinson 27 July, 2013 20:47
Hi, Too late for me as my youngest will be at school next year, but just a suggestion. Would it be possible in future to mix up which day of the week the LKDI is? We have kinder every Monday so have been unable to attend the LKDI for the past 2 years. I am sure there are many other families out there who would like to attend but are also unable to on Mondays for many reasons. If the LKDI was rotated around the week days this would give more families the opportunity to attend in school free peace. Cheers, Kelly
Sharon 30 July, 2013 19:34
This program sounds fantastic, we have other commitments Monday mornings but I wanted to ask how much time would be reasonable to have a 3.5 year old at science works on this day? Is it something they can gain a Reasonable experience out if in an hour or two, or should you aim to be there longer? Also, is the area breast feeding friendly, as in, is there seating available etc, as I also have a 6mth old. Thanks in advance :)
MVBookings 9 August, 2013 09:18
Hi Sharon, Yes they would certainly have a reasonable experience in an hour or two.  There is plenty of seating available, On the Lower Ground Floor at Scienceworks we have a baby change room with two stations for changing nappies and a screened area with an armchair for baby feeding. The room also has a microwave for heating baby food and drink and a family toilet. It is shown on the map of the site.
Claire 10 August, 2013 21:46
Hi, My family will be visiting from Tas in the school holidays, which will not coincide with the dates of the Little Kids Day. Does Scienceworks have things suitable for a 2y/o on a regular day? Thanks.
MVBookings 13 August, 2013 13:13

Hi Claire,

Thanks for your enquiry.

The best place for a two-year-old at Scienceworks is our Nitty Gritty Super City exhibition, which is a separate area for pre-school- and early primary-aged kids and their families. It is located upstairs and is included in Scienceworks entry ($10 for adults, free for kids and concession card holders).

We look forward to seeing you at Scienceworks!

Chris 2 October, 2013 16:43
I would love to bring my 4 year old twins, but I work on Monday's. Are there any plans to have a little kids day in on another day of the week? Like Tuesday or Wednesday? Thanks
MV Customer Contact Centre 3 October, 2013 15:59

Hi Chris,

There are no future plans to make Little Kids Day in on any other day, however, the afternoons on weekdays are quiter and more suitable for the little ones.  In the mornings during school terms, we cater for many schools so can be busier.

Jennifer 7 November, 2013 09:22
Is it best to purchase tickets ahead of time or can we buy at the door on the day? Thanks!
MV Bookings 11 November, 2013 09:43

Hi Jennifer

Thanks for your comment. We advise that you pre-book your tickets if you are planning to visit a Planetarium or Lightning Room show, or any other touring exhibition.  Otherwise you will be able to purchase general admission tickets at the door.

brett 20 January, 2014 08:19
hi. Any chance of rotating these through different days of the week rather than always on a Monday?
Discovery Centre 23 January, 2014 14:05

Hi Brett, we realise that Monday doesn’t suit everyone, but we aim for a day that has the least number of school children, so at this stage it will remain a Monday program.

Reef 3 February, 2014 18:10
I have never seen my two year old so engaged and delighted and my one year old so entertained. Wonderful.
Eleanor 25 April, 2014 08:18
Would love to see these on another day of the week :)
Sharee 25 July, 2014 13:30
Just letting you know that the Facebook Event hyperlink (above) links to your 2013 event Cheers
Victoire Gibson 28 July, 2014 15:02
Hi, When you say little kids day, will you have activities for 18 month old? Thank you
Discovery Centre 31 July, 2014 11:37

Hi Victoire, while our Little Kids Day In program is most suitable for those of kindergarten age, there are some activities that your little one could enjoy. Our regular Big Blue Bathtub program features a paddling pool filled not with water, but sensory toys, crawling space, hanging mobiles and texture books. As part of the program on Monday, we also have a big colourful parachute on the arena, playdough, sand & bark tubs, and the exciting sounds of African drummers and dancers.

Feel free to come around and check it out, we would love to see you there.


Emma 20 November, 2014 23:23
Do you have dates planned for 2015?
Rachael 21 November, 2014 12:47
What date will you re-commence Little Kids Day In for 2015? Will it still be held on Mondays?
discoverycentre 21 November, 2014 13:07


The dates for the 2015 Little Kids' Day In will be posted shortly.

Annabel Greig 12 December, 2014 23:52
Hi just wondering if a session somewhere between 23rd and 27th dec for a 2 year old?
discoverycentre 13 December, 2014 10:34

Hi Annabel,

Unfortunately the Little Kids' Day In activity has finished for 2014.  The 2015 schedule will be posted shortly on the Scienceworks website. 

You will also find on the website a full listing of our School Holiday program which begins in January.

Sarah 11 January, 2015 12:44
Hi, can you tell me the dates for Little Kids Days for 2015? Thank you, Sarah
MVBookings 12 January, 2015 10:34

Hi Sarah,

Dates for Little Kids days in are usually the first Monday of every month, the next few dates are

2nd of Feb, 2nd of March, April is yet to be confirmed, 4th of May.  Please return to this webpage for further updates.

Charmaine 23 February, 2015 18:41
With your little kids days are all the normal exhibits and features open as well as the ones specially done for the little kids?
MVBookings 25 February, 2015 13:40

Hi Charmine,

Thanks for your enquiry.

Little Kids Day In features activites especially for preschoolers in addition to the normal exhibitions and attractions on display at Scienceworks.

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