Body Odyssey

Past Event: 3 August 2002 to 27 January 2003

A journey through the human body.

Where do burps come from? How much skin do we shed in a month? How many times do you breathe in a lifetime? Why are scabs good for healing?

These and hundreds of other questions about health and wellness are the focus of Body Odyssey, a zany, scientific journey throught the human body for the whole family. Climb the giant tongue, explore the digestive path, check out the Brainbox, zap body invaders, and go with the blood flow!

Body Odyssey has been developed by the Children's Museum of Manhattan. It is designed to instill in children and families a sense of awe and admiration for their bodies. It also helps them understand the healthy choices they can make, that will have a lasting impact for the rest of their lives.

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