Past Event: 9 June 2001 to 7 October 2001

If you can create it, you can construct it.

It's back and better than ever! K'Nexhibition 2001 is new and improved, and most importantly back at Scienceworks museum until October 7, 2001.

One of the most interactive exhibitions ever featured at Scienceworks Museum, K'Nexhibition is open and ready for hands-on creation and construction.

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Nat Rios 24 October, 2012 14:38
I remember there was an earlier incarnation of the K'Nexibition somewhere in '95 or '96 roughly. That was the first Scienceworks exhibition (as part of a school excursion/field trip) I have experienced prior to the 2001 version. My freshest memory of the 95-96 exhibit was building a miniature model of a windmill out of the K'Nex parts at the activity centre.
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