Past Event: 24 October 2002 to 27 April 2003

So you want to be an astronaut?

Find out about our Solar System, survival in Space and much more!

The exhibition has been developed by Scitech Discovery Centre in Perth and focuses on humans reaching into space through "full body experience" exhibits.

Space will give Scienceworks’ visitors the opportunity to really understand and appreciate the complexity and excitement of the tasks involved in space exploration and evokes a sense of wonder above and beyond our own planet Earth.

This exhibition may be the closest thing many people get to understanding what it may be like to work as an astronaut.

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Stephen 5 December, 2011 10:09
Where did this exhibition come from? Are there any plans to bring it back? It was there the first time I went there and I think it was far better than any exhibition I have been to since. My favourite part was the Space Shuttle landing simulator.
Discovery Centre 5 December, 2011 12:18

Hi Stephen, the exhibition was developed, and is owned by Scitech in Perth. We don’t know if the exhibition is currently on display at any venues in Australia, but you might like to email Scitech to find out where it is. Their Travelling Exhibition Manager is Gary Foxton



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