Speed: Science In Motion

Past Event: 24 May 2003 to 5 October 2003

Experience the exhilaration of Formula One auto racing.

This hands-on exhibition explores the cutting edge science behind Formula One, from physics and engineering to human endurance and biology.

The exhibition takes the form of a racetrack complete with pit lane, workshop and physical testing environments.

- Give the Racing Car Simulator a go
- See how fast you can change a wheel in the Pits
- Test your reaction time and much more.

Be quick or you’ll miss it!

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Damian 6 June, 2012 20:03
Hi, I was wondering if you could give me any information about the Speed: Science in Motion event as we are contemplating hosting an event showing the science behind cars & fast auto-mobiles. Is there any more information in terms of what activities or exhibitions and events Science Works did for this event in 2003? kinda Regards, Damian
Discovery Centre 24 June, 2012 16:38
Hi Damian - we've checked with the exhibitions crew at Scienceworks on this question, and the response is as follows:

The exhibition 'Speed-Science in Motion' was developed by Scitech in Perth. The link here  has details relating to the exhibition and the relevant contact details if Damian is interested in pursuing it. 

Hope this helps!  

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