Spring School Holiday Activities

19 September – 4 October 2015

These school holidays catch Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family while you still can.  The family will be in residence until October 4. Meet ‘Scotty’ the Tyrannosaurus rex who stands at 5 metres high, interact with members of the tyrannosaur family in an augmented reality experience, test your strength against the bite force of a t-rex’s and see seven life-sized dinosaur skeletons and a range of fossil specimens which have helped piece together the newly revised tyrannosaurus family tree.

We’ll also be running a special Family Science Night on Wednesday Sept 23, where you can have a pow wow with a Palaeontologist and see specimens and fossils from the Museum Victoria collection that are normally locked away behind closed doors.

There will daily Dino activities throughout the holidays including T-rex mask making and Dinosaur Detective, a 20 minute live show that will get you digging up the past.

Come for the whole day, enjoy lunch at our onsite Cafeteria or bring your own and have a picnic in the sun on the Arena.