School Holiday Activities

Celebrate the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies

28 March - 12 April

Light is everywhere. It allows us to go about our daily activities. And, it’s necessary to the existence of life itself.

These holidays, we’re excited to show you some of the reasons light is awesome!

Your day of adventure at Scienceworks

  • Can we fool your eyes in the free Trick of Light show, daily at 12noon;
  • Open your eyes to light’s full spectrum – microwaves, radio waves and more from beyond the rainbow in our newest daily show, The Light Spectacular 
  • Bathed in darkness, find out what lives deep under the ocean where sunlight does not penetrate in the Deep Oceans exhibition
  • See how light reaches far beyond life on Earth and journey to the stars in a show inside the Melbourne Planetarium. See what's on at the Planetarium today
  • During your adventure, take a rest at the Scienceworks Cafe or enjoy your favourite Scienceworks exhibition – from Nitty Gritty Super City to Think Ahead and Alice’s Wonderland.

Don’t miss the Underwater wonders family science nights. Perfect for families to go on a deep sea exploration with museum marine experts, exhibitions and so much more. Hurry tickets are limited!

Whether you’re a first time visitor, or a regular, you’re in for a fun adventure!

Easter Opening Hours:
During the Easter Holiday, Scienceworks is only closed on Good Friday (Friday 3 April). We will be open every other day through the Easter period.