Community Engagement

Connecting with culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Victoria

The Immigration Museum collaborates with culturally and linguistically diverse communities to explore, document and present stories and experiences of immigration and cultural diversity in Victoria.

We work together to create Community Exhibitions and Community Cultural Festivals and invite community members to contribute towards planning for future initiatives, projects, research and development of collections.

Each community is unique, and this requires the museum to be adaptable and flexible in its approach to working with communities. The process for establishing and developing relationships with communities is on the basis of mutual respect, shared goals, open and honest dialogue and collaborative attitude. This process is important in establishing and building long term connections with Victoria’s diverse communities. What the community has to say.

Community contribution is key to the success of these projects. The Immigration Museum seeks feedback about the process from community representatives after each project; and this informs future approaches and processes. The Museum maintains ongoing relations with communities through annual community consultations and special projects.

The Museum is committed to developing strong and sustainable relationships with Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Sri Lankan Festival, May 2004

The Heart is Highland exhibition