Designing 007: 50 Years of Bond Style


Bronwyn Cosgrave: I think what is really exciting about this exhibition is that it is happening to coincide with the 50th golden anniversary of James Bond.

Lindy Hemming: We have had unprecedented access to the archive.  90% of the content is original but we decided to recreate Pussy Galore’s gold waistcoat as absolutely you know as exactly as we could to the photographs that we could fine and the screen grabs that we could use to do it. And we also decide to recreate Goldfinger’s dreadful golden tuxedo that he wears while lasering Bond.

We tried to create the spaces in some sort of logical way, so we start in the Gold Room which is almost a gathering room to remember the success of Bond. We move into Ian Fleming’s Room which is a very small room, we move from there into M’s Room which is quite tricky and I am not going to give it away. But it’s a room where you imagine that Bond is being given his identity.

Move from that room into Q’s Lab which is a fabulous room where we have all of the gadgets themed. We tried to pick things, there is at least 50% or more I think that haven’t been seen before. Lots of interest for different people, gadgety people, costumey people. It’s good.

About this Video

A preview of the DESIGNING 007 with Oscar winning costume designer Lindy Hemming and fashion-historian and writer Bronwyn Cosgrave (guest co-curators of DESIGNING 007).
Length: 02:46