Amazing Backyard Adventures

Past Event: 26 March 2011 to 24 July 2011

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Source: Scitech, Perth

Take a closer look at what you might find in your backyard.

Go on a journey inside a magnified backyard lawn and find out how it feels to be smaller than a blade of grass. Use special lenses to take a look at the backyard through the eyes of a dog or jump on board the flying bee for a bees' eye view of the garden.

Delve into the mechanics of the swing, slide and see-saw before exploring the 'frog eat insect' world of the interactive pond.

There are wonders aplenty hidden in your own backyard; come along to discover the science behind it all.

Amazing Backyard Adventures - an exhibition to inspire wonder and fascination about the science that is literally in your backyard!

Developed by Scitech, Perth

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Dude Mckoy 18 February, 2011 12:07
digga digga digga
David Saunders 13 April, 2011 17:30
Looks like a good one for my grandchildren
Lisa Rundell 19 April, 2011 22:27
Cool for the kids, they loved the Movie - Honey I shrunk the kids.
Nerissa 14 June, 2011 12:41
My 10 yr old son and I loved this exhibit. Very interactive.
Mia! 17 June, 2011 11:32
cool my schools going there next week!
Willeford Luffman again 29 January, 2012 13:24
i really like amazeing back yard cause i went to school a few days before that. and I LOVE SCIENCE! science helps me no. I WANT IT AGAIN MUSEUM VICTORIA HQ!
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