Big Kids' Night Out

The Maths Effect

Past Event: 14 September 2013

Woman spinning a blue disc
Big Kids' Night Out
Eamon Gallagher

Calling all you big kids!

ADD a group of your best friends
MULTIPLY the fun with a mathematically-inspired night out at Scienceworks
SUBTRACT the little ankle-biters and the doom and gloom of winter, and
DIVIDE yourselves amongst the great programs and activities on this special night where you can:

  • Speed meet Museum experts and discover different ANGLES about maths and science
  • NAVIGATE through the fantastic world of maths in the new touring exhibition Mathamazing and other favourite exhibitions
  • Be enlightened in the Lightning Room
  • FIGURE out folding with the Melbourne Origami Group
  • Combine creativity, engineering and problem solving with planks in a Green Hat Workshop
  • Discover the night sky through the lens of a telescope, and
  • Escape the confines of Earth and travel the Universe in the recently upgraded Melbourne Planetarium.

Big Kids’ Night Out is a strictly 18 years and over event. Food and drinks available for purchase on the night.

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