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A unique performance in the Melbourne Planetarium.

Explore the universe through the eyes of artists. This show combines live music, poetry, surround sound and stunning visuals, and the voice of UK scientist John Gribbin to explore the universe and ascribe meaning to our celestial experience.

This visual voyage will explore four different theories about how the universe began. Go on a poetic journey through the Big Bang, the theory of everything, M-theory and dark matter.

Elemental is written by Alicia Sometimes, Emilie Zoey Baker, Sean M Whelan and Ryan Van Winkle with a live presentation by Dr Alan Duffy.

Presented by the Wheeler Centre and Scienceworks.

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Glenys Parslow 1 July, 2014 18:42
So disappointed to miss out on seeing Elemental. Any chance that the show will have another run?
MVBookings 9 July, 2014 11:12

Hi Glenys,

No word yet on whether Scienceworks will be working in collaboration with The Wheeler Centre again to put on another showing, however its popularity is encouraging.

Watch this space.

Maxime 10 July, 2014 15:20
Hi, i can't believe that i'm going to miss out! very disappointed no tixs left for melbourne shows. any possibility of adding another showing? if i just show up at the planetarium, any chance of anything....? trying to remain optimistic. would you suggest showing up on a probably zero percent chance? thank you. maxime
Discovery Centre 11 July, 2014 11:00

Hi Maxine,

Unfortunately there are no plans for extra shows at this stage.  It is a considerable production, that includes 8 artists performing live sequences.  Next week there will be a screening at the Bendigo Planetarium, you could try and see if there are tix still available.

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