Books and Journals

In the 1880s, museum director Charles Frederick McCoy began production of his famous Prodromus of the Zoology of Victoria, and Museums Victoria has continued to promote its research and collections through the publication of high-quality books since that time.

Monographs, collected essays, field guides and exhibition catalogues are some of the formats the museum produces across a range of subjects, including natural history, indigenous art and history.

New Releases

book cover museum shapes
Board book, colour and textured illustrations, 28pp,
RRP $14.95
book cover Wild colouring book
Illustrations by Bundit Puangthong
paperback, illustrations, 28pp
RRP $5.95
Book cover Count with Bowerbird Bill
Paperback, colour illustrations, 32 pages
RRP $9.95
Illustration of little penguins Chooks in Dinner Suits.
A tale of big dogs and little penguins

Paperback, colour illustrations, 32pp
RRP $19.95
War Trophies or Curios front cover War Trophies or Curios?
The War Museum collection in Museum Victoria 1915-1920

Large format paperback, colour illustrations, 292pp
RRP $80.00
Cover of Prehistoric marine life in Australia's inland sea Prehistoric marine life in Australia’s inland sea
Paperback, colour illustrations, 90pp
RRP $24.95
Cover of Gemstones in Victoria Gemstones in Victoria
Paperback, 232pp, illustrated
RRP $29.95
Melbourne Museum: A Souvenir Guide front cover Melbourne Museum
A Souvenir Guide

Paperback, colour illustrations, 72pp
RRP $9.95