Polar Dinosaurs of Australia

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Cover of Polar Dinosaurs of Australia
Image: Peter Trusler
Source: Peter Trusler
By Tom Rich
RRP $19.95
Published by Museum Victoria
Paperback, colour illustrations, 48pp

An exciting and essential book and series for anyone interested in natural history.

Imagine a winter’s day 110 million years ago on what is now the coast of Victoria. If you wanted to you could walk all the way to Antarctica. It is dark all day and the vegetation is lush and green. This was the world of the polar dinosaurs who once roamed Victoria.

Since the claw of a meat-eating dinosaur was discovered near Inverloch, Victoria, in 1903, six different species of dinosaurs have been found in Victorian digs and there is evidence indicating more. In this absorbing book, well-known palaeontologist Tom Rich takes us into the world of the polar dinosaurs and provides a first-hand look at the painstaking but exciting work of dinosaur hunting.

Museum Victoria Nature Series

The Museum Victoria Nature series explores the fascinating natural history of Victoria. Each book in the series is written by an expert on their subject, is fully illustrated and contains references for further reading. Insightful and engaging essays provide an accessible introduction to some of the amazing fauna, geology and fossils found in this part of the world.

Tom Rich is Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology at Museum Victoria, Melbourne. He holds a PhD from Columbia University for work on fossil hedgehogs of the Northern Hemisphere. His main research interest is the early evolution of mammals, particularly those form the Cretaceous of Australia, South America and Africa. He is the author of two books on dinosaurs, Dinosaurs of Darkness and A Century of Australian Dinosaurs.