Gemstones in Victoria

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Cover of Gemstones in Victoria
Image: Museum Victoria
Source: Museum Victoria
By William D. Birch and Dermot A. Henry
RRP $29.95
Published by Museum Victoria
Paperback, 232pp, illustrated

This attractive new book sheds light on the hidden world of gemstones in Victoria, from diamond to amethyst, topaz to turquoise. As custodians of the State’s geological collections and with access to a comprehensive range of historical records, the authors have a unique knowledge of the subject.

With profuse full-colour illustrations of crystals, faceted gems, maps and diagrams, this book provides an authoritative account of the discoveries, localities and geological settings of a wide variety of colourful minerals and ornamental stones. Gemstones in Victoria will be especially welcomed by enthusiastic fossickers, gemmologists and local historians.