Volume 8(1934)

Notes on Australian ants, with descriptions of new species and a new genus
J. Clark
8 :5-20, pl 1 (1934)
Keywords: entomology, ants, australia

New Australian ants
J. Clark
8 :21-47, pls 2-3 (1934)
Keywords: entomology, ants, australia

Ants from the Otway ranges
J. Clark
8 :48-73, pl 4 (1934)
Keywords: entomology, ants, otway ranges

A revision of the Australian Jerboa Mice
C. W. Brazenor
8 :74-89, pls 5-7 (1934)
Keywords: mammals, mice, jerboa

Glandular areas of some Australian Jerboa Mice, and remarks on Nyctinomus and Mymecobius
G. Bourne
8 :90-93, pl 8 (1934)
Keywords: mammals, mice, jerboa, glands

An uncommon type of stone implement from Australia and New Guinea
D. A. Casey
8 :94-99, pls 9-11 (1934)
Keywords: anthropology, implements, stone, australia, new guinea

A revision of the genus Malurus
G. Mack
8 :100-125 (1934)
Keywords: aves, malurus

The Cainozoic Cidaridae of Australia
F. Chapman and F. A. Cudmore
8 :126-149, pls 12-15 (1934)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, echinoids, tertiary

Notes on a rare loricate, Rhyssoplax excellens, Iredale and Hull
J. S. Mackay
8 :150-153, pl 16 (1934)
Keywords: mollusca, chitons, rhyssoplax

The girdle scales of Ischnochiton (Chartoplax) pura Sykes
J. S. Mackay
8 :154-156, pl 17 (1934)
Keywords: mollusca, chitons, ischnochiton

Thalassohelix translucens, a new Victorian land shell
C. J. Gabriel
8 :157, pl 18 (1934)
Keywords: mollusca, terrestrial, thalassohelix

A new species of mouse, Pseudomys (Gyomys), and a record of the Broad–toothed Rat, Mastacomys, from Victoria
C. W. Brazenor
8 :158-161, pl 18 (1934)
Keywords: mammals, mice, rat, pseudomys, mastacomys

Additions to the Tertiary Mollusca of Victoria
E. H. Chapple
8 :162-165, pl 19 (1934)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, tertiary, mollusca

Graptolites of Victoria: new species and additional records
R. A. Keble and W. J. Harris
8 :166-183, pls 20-22 (1934)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, graptoloties, ordovician, silurian