Volume 9(1936)

Two new rats from Central Australia
C. W. Brazenor
9 :5-8, pl 1 (1936)
Keywords: mammals, rat, central australia

An extended description of Pseudomys novae–hollandiae, with remarks on its affinity to P. hermannsburgensis
C. W. Brazenor
9 :9-13, pl 2 (1936)
Keywords: mammals, mice, pseudomys

A revision of Australian species of Rhytidoponera Mayr (Formicidae)
J. Clark
9 :14-89, pls 3-6 (1936)
Keywords: entomology, ants, rhytidoponera

Ethnological notes
D. A. Casey
9 :90-97, pls 7-8 (1936)
Keywords: anthropology, ethnology, implements, stone, flint, pottery, nsw, queensland, new guinea

Victorian species of the genus Galaxias, with descriptions of two new species
G. Mack
9 :98-101 (1936)
Keywords: fish, galaxias, freshwater

A new species of Peloridiidae (Hemiptera; Homoptera) from Victoria
J. W. Evans
9 :102-104 (1936)
Keywords: entomology. Hemiptera, peloridiidae