Volume 11(1939)

Two new Victorian Symphyla of the genus Hansenella
O. W. Tiegs
11 :5-10 (1939)
Keywords: entomology, myriopoda, symphyla, hansenella

Graptolites of Australia: bibliography and history of research
R. A. Keble and W. N. Benson
11 :11-99 (1939)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, graptolites, bibliography

Freshwater Mollusca of Victoria
C. J. Gabriel
11 :100-139, pls 1-4 (1939)
Keywords: mollusca, freshwater

The Silurian trilobite Lichas australis
E. D. Gill
11 :140-142, pl 5 (1939)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, trilobite, silurian, lichas

Some prehistoric artefacts from the Territory of New Guinea
D. A. Casey
11 :143-150, pl 6 (1939)
Keywords: anthropology, artefacts, new guinea, prehistory