Volume 12(1941)

Revision of the genus Euastacus (Crayfishes, Family Parastacidae) with notes on the distribution of certain species
E. Clark
12 :7-30, pls 1-9 (1941)
Keywords: crustacea, crayfish, euastacus

New Species of Australian freshwater and land crayfishes (Family Parastacidae)
E. Clark
12 :31-40, pl 10 (1941)
Keywords: crustacea, terrestrial, freshwater, crayfish

The Caroline Stony Meteorite
F. L. Stillwell
12 :41-48, pl 11 (1941)
Keywords: geology, mineralogy, meteorite, caroline, stony

The Bond Springs Stony Meteorite
G. Baker and A. B. Edwards
12 :49-58, pl 12 (1941)
Keywords: geology, mineralogy, meteorite, bond spring, stony

Notes on the Argentine Ant and other exotic ants introduced into Australia
J. Clark
12 :59-70 (1941)
Keywords: entomology, ants, argentine, exotic

Australian Formicidae: notes and new species
J. Clark
12 :71-94, pl 13 (1941)
Keywords: entomology, ants

Cormorants and the Gippsland Lakes Fishery
G. Mack
12 :95-117 (1941)
Keywords: aves, fish, cormorants, gippsland

New species of Tertiary Mollusca from Victoria
E. H. Chapple
12 :119-124, pl 14 (1941)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, tertiary, mollusca