Volume 15(1947)

New species of the genera Prolasius Forel and Melophorus Lubbock (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)
J. J. McAreavey
15 :7-27, pl 1 (1947)
Keywords: entomology, ants, prolasius, melophorus

Notes on Australian Quaternary climates and migration
R. A. Keble
15 :28-81, pl 2 (1947)
Keywords: geology, climatology, quaternary

A new salticid spider from Victoria
R. A. Dunn
15 :82-85 (1947)
Keywords: entomology, spiders

New geographical races of Australian butterflies, with a description of the female, larva and pupa of Pseudalmenus chlorinda barringtonensis Whs.
A. N. Burns
15 :86-102, pls 3-8 (1947)
Keywords: entomology, lepidoptera, geographical race, pseudalmenus

New Records of Lepidoptera from Victoria, with notes on some rare species
A. N. Burns
15 :103-108 (1947)

Additions to and alterations in the catalogue of the land shells of Victoria (including descriptions of new species)
C. J. Gabriel
15 :109-125, pls 9-10 (1947)
Keywords: mollusca, terrestrial

A new leaf–hopper from Victoria (Homoptera, Jassidae)
J. W. Evans
15 :126-127 (1947)
Keywords: entomology, homoptera, leaf–hopper

A new snake from Torokina, Bougainville Island
C. W. Brazenor
15 :128-130 (1947)
Keywords: reptiles, snakes, bougainville island

History and geology of Mud Islands
R. A. Keble
15 :131-138 (1947)
Keywords: geology, geomorphology, mud islands, port phillip

Flora of the Mud Islands, Port Phillip Bay
J. H. Willis
15 :138-143 (1947)
Keywords: botany, mud islands, port phillip

Insects collected at Mud Islands, Port Phillip Bay. November 30, 1945
A. N. Burns
15 :143-145 (1947)
Keywords: entomology, mud islands, port phillip

A preliminary report on the biology and ecology of the Snowy River area in northeastern Victoria
15 :146-147 (1947)
Keywords: report, snowy river, ecology, biology

Plants collected [Snowy River Region]
R. T. Patton
15 :147-150 (1947)
Keywords: snowy river, botany

Geology [ Snowy River Region]
S. G. Whincup
15 :150-154, pl 11 (1947)
Keywords: snowy river, geology

Mammals [Snowy River Region]
C. W. Brazenor
15 :154-156, pl 12 (1947)
Keywords: snowy river, mammals

Amphibians and reptiles [Snowy River Region]
C. W. Brazenor
15 :156-158 (1947)
Keywords: snowy river, amphibians, reptiles

Mollusca [Snowy River Region]
C. J. Gabriel and J. H. Macpherson
15 :158-167, pl 13 (1947)
Keywords: snowy river, mollusca

Insects and arachnids [Snowy River Region]
A. N. Burns
15 :168-171 (1947)
Keywords: snowy river, entomology

Records of Onchidiidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from Victoria
J. H. Macpherson
15 :172-173, pl 14 (1947)
Keywords: mollusca, onchidiidae

A new harvestman of the subfamily Liobuninae from Australia
R. R. Forster
15 :174-177 (1947)
Keywords: entomology, spiders, harvestman

Description of a new species of Casemoth (Lepidoptera, Psychidae)
C. G. Oke
15 :178-179, pl 15 (1947)
Keywords: entomology, lepidoptera, casemoth

Obituary – James Andrew Kershaw
R. A. Keble
15 :180-181, pl 16 (1947)
Keywords: obituary, james andrew kershaw