Volume 16(1949)

New Pedipalpi from Australia and the Solomon Islands
R. A. Dunn
16 :7-15, pl 1 (1949)
Keywords: entomology, pedipalpi, scorpions, australia, solomon islands

An echinoid from the Tertiary (Janjukian) of South Australia
H. B. Fell
16 :17-19 (1949)

The physiography and palaeogeography of the River Yarra, Victoria
E. D. Gill
16 :21-49 (1949)
Keywords: geology, geomorphology, yarra river

Sur quelques Pauropodes d'Australie
P. Remy
16 :51-58 (1949)
Keywords: entomology, pauropoda, myriopoda

Australian opiliones
R. R. Forster
16 :59-89 (1949)
Keywords: entomology, spiders, opiliones

Devonian fossils from Sandy's Creek, Gippsland, Victoria
E. D. Gill
16 :91-115, pls 2-3 (1949)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, devonian, sandy's creek, gippsland

Yeringian (Lower Devonian) plant remains from Lilydale, Victoria, with notes on a collection from a new locality in the Siluro–Devonian sequence
I. Cookson
16 :117-131, pls 4-6 (1949)
Keywords: palaeontology, paleobotany, grology, devonian, lilydale