Volume 18(1953)

The wild (feral) pigs of Australia: their origin, distribution and economic importance
E. M. Pullar
18 :7-23 (1953)
Keywords: feral pigs, australia

Geological evidence in Western Victoria relative to the antiquity of Australian Aborigines
E. D. Gill
18 :25-92, pls 1-4 (1953)
Keywords: geology, western victoria, Aborigines

Pleistocene foraminifera from Port Fairy, western Victoria
A. C. Collins
18 :93-105, pl 1 (1953)
Keywords: geology, palaeontology, foraminifera, victoria, Pleistocene

Records of the occurrence of Botyococcus braunii, Pediastrum, and the Hystrichosphaeridae in Cainozoic deposits of Australia
I. C. Cookson
18 :107-123, pls 1-2 (1953)
Keywords: palaeontology, palynology, tertiary, geology

The relationship of the Cyclammina–bearing sediments of the older Tertiary deposits southeast of Princetown, Victoria
G. Baker
18 :125-134 (1953)
Keywords: palaeontolgy, foraminifera, Cyclammina, tertiary, victoria, geology

Some Victorian fossil diatom floras
B. Tindale
18 :135-139 (1953)
Keywords: palaeontology, diatoms, tertiary, palynology. Victoria

Palaeoecological interpretation of some Victorian fossil diatom floras
E. D. Gill
18 :141-153 (1953)
Keywords: palaeontology, diatoms, palynology, victoria, palaeoecology

A note on the ostracoda Limnocythere mowbrayensis Chapman 1914 and L. sicula Chapman 1919
N. de B. Hornibrook
18 :155-156, pl 1 (1953)
Keywords: ostracoda, crustacea, Limnocythere, pleistocene, tasmania, palaeontology

Catalogue of Quaternary types and figured specimens in the National Museum of Victoria
E. D. Gill
18 :157-168, pl 1 (1953)
Keywords: catalogue, quaternary, palaeontology

Record of a South African mollusc, Haliotis sanguinea Handley, from Australia
J. H. Macpherson
18 :169, pl 1 (1953)
Keywords: Haliotis, mollusca, south africa