Volume 21(1957)

Revision of the genus Stigmacros Forel
J. J. McAreavey
21 :7-64 (1957)
Keywords: entomology, ants, stigmacros

Aboriginal stone artefacts from the Northern Territory
S. R. Mitchell
21 :65-71 (1957)
Keywords: anthropology, artefacts, stone, northern territory

Alledged meteorite from Horsham, Victoria
G. Baker
21 :72-78 (1957)
Keywords: geology, mineralogy, meteorite, horsham

Notes on the host relation of some Australian Ichneumonidae, with a description of a new species
A. W. Parrott
21 :79-82 (1957)
Keywords: entomology, wasp, hosts

A revision of the genus Bachorema Mosely (Rhyacophilidae, Trichoptera)
A. Neboiss
21 :83-91 (1957)
Keywords: entomology, trichoptera, bachorema

Two new species of Plectoptera from Victoria
A. N. Burns and A. Neboiss
21 :92-100 (1957)
Keywords: entomology, plecoptera, stone fly

Heavy black sands from Phillip Island, Victoria
A. W. Beasley
21 :101-116 (1957)
Keywords: geology, mineralogy, sands, phillip island

On new Australian species of Trox (Coleoptera)
E. Haff
21 :117-120 (1957)
Keywords: entomology, coleoptera, trox

Tertiary marsupials from Victoria, Australia
R. A. Stirton
21 :121-134 (1957)
Keywords: mammals, tertiary, palaeontology, geology

The stratigraphical occurrence and palaeoecology of some Australian Tertiary marsupials
E. D. Gill
21 :135-203 (1957)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, tertiary, mammals, marsupials