Volume 24(1959)

Sir Baldwin Spencer's recordings of Australian Aboriginal music
A. M. Moyle
24 :7-36 (1959)
Keywords: anthropology, music, spencer

Further discoveries on Victorian Plecoptera
A. Neboiss
24 :37-44 (1959)
Keywords: entomology, plecoptera

Tertiary fossil fern from Vctoria
E. D. Gill and K. McWhae
24 :45-50 (1959)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, tertiary, palaeobotany

New gasteropods from north Australia
J. H. Macpherson
24 :51-57 (1959)
Keywords: mollusca, northern australia

Brenthidae of the Australian region
K. E. Schedl
24 :59-65 (1959)
Keywords: entomology, brenthidae

Australian bark and timber beetles
K. E. Schedl
24 :67-68 (1959)
Keywords: entomology, coleoptera,bark, timber

Australites from Kanagulk, Telangatuk East and Toolando, Western Victoria
G. Baker
24 :69-89 (1959)
Keywords: geology, australites, kanagulk, telangatuk east, toolando

New caddis fly from Tasmania
A. Neboiss
24 :91-96 (1959)
Keywords: entomology, trichoptera, tasmania

A new species of Cypraea, subgenus Notocypraea
R. J. Griffiths
24 :97-101 (1959)
Keywords: mollusca, cypraea

Bibliography of printed literature upon Victorian Aborigines
A. Massola
24 :103-156 (1959)
Keywords: anthropology, bibliography