Volume 26(1964)

A new ant–mimicking mirid bug (Hemiptera, Heteroptera) from Victoria
G. F. Gross
26 :7-10 (1964)
Keywords: entomology, hemiptera, mirid

A Fulgarite from Karnak, Western Victoria
A. W. Beasley
26 :11-19 (1964)
Keywords: geology, fulgarite, karnak

Hay–silica glass from Gnarkeet, Western Victoria
G. Baker and A. A. Baker
26 :21-45 (1964)
Keywords: geology, mineralogy, hay–silica, gnarkeet

Australites from Nurrabiel, Western Victoria
G. Baker
26 :47-75 (1964)
Keywords: geology, australites, nurrabiel

Revision of the genus Macrotristria Stalicicidae, Homoptera, Hemiptera, with descriptions of new species
A. N. Burns
26 :77-123 (1964)
Keywords: entomology, macrotristia, homoptera

Summary of entomological work by C.G.Oke, with information on types now included in the National Museum of Victoria collection
A. Neboiss
26 :125-156 (1964)
Keywords: entomology, oke, types

Marine Tricladida from Macquarie Island
F. R. Nurse
26 :157-166 (1964)
Keywords: tricladida, flat worms, macquarie island

A preliminary report on the Polyzoa collection in the National Museum of Victoria
I. Vigeland
26 :167-199 (1964)
Keywords: bryozoa

Queensland harpoons and their distribution
A. Massola
26 :201-207 (1964)
Keywords: anthropolgy, queensland, harpoons

A new species of Tudicula from northern Australia
J. H. Macpherson
26 :209-210 (1964)
Keywords: mollusca, northern australia, tudicula

New genera of Tertiary echinoids from Victoria, Australia
H. B. Fell
26 :211-217 (1964)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, echinoids, tertiary

Studies of the genus Katelysia Romer 1857
B. J. Nielsen
26 :219-257 (1964)
Keywords: mollusca, katelysia

First Australian record Hexanchus griseus (Bonnaterre) 1780 – the six–gilled shark
D. D. Lynch
26 :259-261 (1964)
Keywords: fish, shark, hexanchus