Volume 29(1969)

Beach sands of the southern shore of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia
A. W. Beasley
29 :1-21, pl 1 (1969)
Keywords: geology, sands, mineralogy

A fossil chelonian of probable Lower Cretaceous age from Victoria, Australia
J. W. Warren
29 :23-28, pl 2 (1969)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, tortoise, cretaceous, vertebrate

A lower mandible of Zygomaturus gilli from the Sandringham Sands, Beaumaris, Victoria, Australia
M. O. Woodburne
29 :29-39 (1969)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, zygomaturus,miocene, vertebrate

Description of an Upper Miocene albatross from Beaumaris, Victoria, Australia, and a review of fossil Diomedeidae
H. E. Wilkinson
29 :41-51, pls 3-4 (1969)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, aves, miocene, albatross

Five large australites from Victoria, Australia, and their relationships to other large forms
G. Baker
29 :53-64, pls 5-10 (1969)
Keywords: australite, geology

Australites from Mulka, Lake Eyre region, South Australia
G. Baker
29 :65-79, pls 11-15 (1969)
Keywords: australite, geology, south australia

Radiocarbon date for Aboriginal remains at Maroona, Victoria, Australia
E. D. Gill
29 :81-83, pl 16 (1969)
Keywords: radiocarbon date, Aboriginal, anthropology, archaeology

Catalogue of Baldwin Spencer earthworm types in the National Museum of Victoria, Australia
R. L. Jensz and B. J. Smith
29 :85-110 (1969)
Keywords: catalogue, earthworms

The spawn and early life history of Cacozeliana granaria (Kiener, 1842) (Gasteropoda, Cerithiidae)
F. V. Murray
29 :111-113, pl 17 (1969)
Keywords: mollusca, gasteropoda, cerithidae, caclzeliana, life history, eggs