Volume 41(1980)

Tertiary species of Echinolampas (Echinoidae) from southern Australia
K. J. McNamara and G. M. Phillip
41 :1-14, pls 1-4 (1980)
Keywords: palaeontology, tertiary, geology, echinoid, Echinolampas

Siluro–Devonian Notanopliidae (Brachiopoda)
M. J. Garratt
41 :15-41, pls 5-8 (1980)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, silurian, devonian, brachiopoda

Studies on Australian Cainozoic Brachiopods 5. The genera Victorithyris Allen and Diedrothyris nov.
J. R. Richardson
41 :43-52, pls 9-11 (1980)
Keywords: palaeontology, geology, tertiary, brachiopoda, Victorithyris, Diedrothyris

The identity of two tubularian hydroids from Australia with a description and observations of the reproduction of Ralpharia magnifica gen. et sp. nov
J. E. Watson
41 :53-63 (1980)
Keywords: hydroids, Ralpharia

Taxonomic revision of the elapid snake genus Drysdalia Worrell, 1961
A. J. Coventry and P. A. Rawlinson
41 :65-78, pl 12 (1980)
Keywords: Drysdalia, elapid, reptile